November 28, 2021

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The ODS has ratified a coalition agreement, and Villa will speak with Zeman

Peter Fiala will meet President Milos Zeman on Saturday.

The candidate for prime minister of the new Czech government, Petr Fiala (ODS), said Thursday that he will join President Milos Zeman on Saturday and inform him of the results of the post-election negotiations between Spolo. ČSL and TOP 09) and PirSTAN alliances to form a new government. This was stated by ČT24 TV.

Zeman was moved from the intensive care unit to a regular bed on Thursday. The castle announced that the president will speak on Friday with Acting Prime Minister Andre Babis (yes) and on Saturday via video call with Villa. Babish specified that he would speak to Zeman on the phone. Personally, none of the politicians is allowed to visit the president, since at the same time the Central Military Hospital in Prague has tightened the rules for visits in connection with the deteriorating epidemiological situation.

On November 9, the Senate committee will discuss further steps in the possible removal of Zeman’s presidential powers regarding his health. If Zeeman is still unable to perform his constitutional duties after moving to a regular bed, Senate Speaker Milos Vistrel (ODS) is considering engaging the Speaker of the House in the process.

The Democratic Party Executive Board met on Thursday and approved the coalition agreement and the government’s planned program statement. The ODS must have a prime minister and five ministers in the new government – Finance, Transportation, Justice, Culture, and Defense. However, according to Fiala, the board did not discuss their appointment.

The new government consists of 18 members; The new positions will be ministers for legislation, European affairs, science, research and innovation.

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The coalition agreement is due to be signed by its presidents on November 8 and will be published at a later time.