January 21, 2022

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The number of EU citizens living in the UK has dropped by 200,000 a year

The number of EU citizens living in the UK has dropped by 200,000 a year

London, September 17 (TASR) – The number of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom has dropped by 200,000 in the past year. This was shown by data released by the British National Statistics Office (ONS) on Friday. Information media companies PA Media and DPA came together.

Analysts say the number of EU citizens living in the UK will drop from 3.7 million to 3.5 million by 2020. According to them, the decision of the people to leave the island country was probably affected by factors such as corona virus and Brexit epidemics, i.e. withdrawal from the British Union.

An ONS spokesman for the PA news agency said: “Decisions to immigrate are complex. A person’s decision to immigrate or leave the UK is always affected by a variety of factors, including social and economic factors.”

“The behavior and decisions of non-British people living in the UK may be affected by the epidemic, along with other factors such as the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The spokesman added.

The current population of the country is estimated at 66.282 million. Most non-British natives are still polar, with 738,000 of them. This is followed by Romanians, 384,000, Irish, Indians and Italians.

India is the most common country of birth with a population of 880,000 outside the United Kingdom. It is followed by Poland with 691,000 inhabitants, followed by Pakistan, Ireland and Romania.

London is still a large part of the non-British and non-British population. Non-British people make up 37 per cent of Londoners and non-British people 22 per cent of the capital’s population.

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