January 27, 2022

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The new mutant of the Corona virus Omicron is in the Czech Republic, and they recorded the first case

The Czech Republic reported the first case of a new omikron variant. It is said that a woman from Liberec came to the country from Namibia infected. There was supposed to be a woman on vacation. This was reported to the portal TN.cz. Television reports stated that the infection was confirmed by two consecutive tests, and the third test is still pending.

Slovakia is also taking measures

Due to a new type of coronavirus, Slovakia has stopped accepting civilian flights from seven African countries since midnight. The Ministry of Transport and Construction (MDV) of the Slovak Republic reported this on the social network.

These countries include Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The ban also applies to flights from Slovakia to these countries. This measure is temporarily in effect until December 13.

The Slovak Republic proceeded to declare the ban on the recommendation of the European Commission, despite the fact that it does not have direct scheduled flights with these countries. The ban will therefore apply to unscheduled trips, such as business trips or private tripsThe ministry stated. “The ban does not apply to air cargo, humanitarian flights or technical stopovers for non-commercial purposes.

The European Commission on Friday (November 26) asked EU member states to apply a “handbrake” due to the emergence of a new type of coronavirus. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday afternoon that Brussels is taking the news about the new variant B.1.1529 very seriously. The World Health Organization (WHO) called italternative to anxietyand rename it Omicron.

In the Czech Republic, nearly a thousand people are in serious condition in connection with COVID-19

According to TASR, there were 20,315 cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the Czech Republic on Friday. And the Czech media reported on Saturday that this is the fifth worst daily balance, but this number is lower than Thursday (27752) and Friday last week (22957), referring to data from the Ministry of Health.

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For the first time since the end of September, the weekly infection rate has fallen: as of Friday, there were 1,127 people per 100,000 in the past seven days, and 1,231 on Thursday. However, the infection rate continues to rise week by week. A week ago it was at a level of less than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. It is still the highest in the Olomouc and Zlin regions.

The number of hospitalized patients in hospitals with COVID-19 has decreased by 56 to 6,169, of whom 924 are in serious condition, which is twice more than the day before. More than two months ago (September 23), 183 people were hospitalized and tested for the virus, of whom 28 were in serious condition, reports the tn.cz portal.

According to preliminary data, another 43 people died from complications associated with the virus. In total, the epidemic in the Czech Republic has so far claimed 32,744 lives. The daily number of deaths began to exceed 100 again in the second half of November, so far, five times.

About 6,331,877 people have been fully vaccinated in the Czech Republic. More than 771,000 received third booster doses.

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