January 17, 2021

The new law passed will allow the UK to vote in the general election

The new law will be voted on in the last UK general election

  • The Parliamentary Constituency Act becomes law with royal approval
  • Constituencies across the UK will be renewed and will have an almost equal number of voters
  • Each vote will be counted uniformly, providing confirmation of the report for the best elections

Every vote cast in a general election will have an equal weight, and the new law passed today will change the size of constituencies across the UK.

The government’s Parliamentary Constituency Act has a royal ascent, meaning that each of the 650 constituencies in the UK will have an equal number of eligible voters.

The updated modules will reflect significant changes in statistics, housing construction and relocation – the current ones are defined using data that expired two decades ago.

Constitution Minister Chloe Smith said:

“Every voter must be confident that their votes will be the same wherever they are cast. This guarantee is a long delay and today’s law provides exactly that.

“Renewed, highly equal number of constituencies is a prudent policy that will transform our elections beautifully, ensuring that people from all four countries of the UK have equal representation in Parliament.”

Boundary Commissions for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – Reviews of UK Parliamentary constituencies are conducted by four-judge and independent bodies.

The new law of the government will further strengthen the independence of this process and ensure that reviews take place every eight years and subsequent projects will be implemented automatically. This would prevent any possibility of political interference or delay in renewing the constituencies, protecting the fair representation of the British people in the future.

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Beginning their review in January 2021, Boundary Commissions will use the most up-to-date data on current UK voters to determine the average number of voters in each constituency and their new frontiers. This will take into account the five protected blocks, which should be free of geographical requirements.

The new election maps proposed by the commissions will be subjected to a detailed review, each of which will be subject to three separate consultations, where members of local communities may submit written recommendations for consideration and attend a public hearing. The commissions must submit their final reports to the Speaker by July 1, 2023.

Updated and balanced constituencies are one of the many reporting tasks that this government is already advancing in its first year to strengthen the unity of our elections and public confidence in democracy.

We recently unveiled the World Leading Plans to make the political campaign more transparent to voters online; Draft bill to repeal fixed-term parliamentary law; Introduce voter identification at polling stations to protect our elections from possible fraud.