January 28, 2022

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The new drilling robot can conquer even the toughest rocks on earth

San Francisco-based Startup claims that its new non-contact thermal drilling robot can steadily advance over the hardest rocks on Earth, which normally destroy drilling rigs. In addition, it can do this quickly and inexpensively, which makes it possible to economically implement a number of underground infrastructure projects.

The semi-autonomous Swifty system can create tunnels 46-152 cm in diameter in any geological zone, blasting rocks with a high-pressure warhead so hot that it heats up, chars and flies. Petra, founded by entrepreneur Kim Abrams, demonstrated the robot’s capabilities by digging a 24-inch tunnel through the Sioux Quartzite, which Abrams In an interview with CNBC, He describes it as “the hardest rock on earth”. Swifty advances at a speed of 2.5 centimeters per minute.

The company claims that its new robot uses a combination of remote control and machine vision to perform its task and is the first precision tunneling robot capable of retracting its own tunnel. Petra says her new technology is worth it “30 to 90 percent less than traditional trenchless methods”, opens access to areas that were not previously excavated. Important electrical and communications cables can run underground, where they are protected from vandalism, wildfires, strong winds, and other threats.

source: newatlas.com.

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