December 9, 2021

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The new COVID slot machine is a lock for tourism only

The new COVID slot machine is a lock for tourism only

BRATISLAVA, NOV 22 (TASR) – Last week the Slovak government approved modifications to the COVID vending machine, which it claims only means a shutdown for the unvaccinated. However, it is closed to tourism only. This was stated in the briefing given by Marek Harbucak, President of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Slovakia (AHRS).

He specified that the new COVID vending machine, which has been in effect since November 22, means hotels, restaurants and fitness services will be closed in black areas. According to him, tourism is the only industry in which entrepreneurs and employers are forbidden to serve any guest in the process, even if they have been vaccinated or after overcoming the disease.

Not only business people but also our guests are disappointed and deceived. We consider the actions taken to be discriminatory, disproportionate and not fulfilling their purpose. Open borders allow you to travel for vacation and relaxation to neighboring countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, as well as to other countries. The restrictions adopted cause economic damage to tourism entrepreneurs in Slovakia, which could have been preventedHarbuľák confirmed.

He noted that despite the promised adjustments to the COVID vending machine, according to which hotels, boarding houses and restaurants will be opened to vaccinated guests, this did not happen. Some regions were black for the sixth week, and since November 22, two-thirds of Slovakia’s regions are black. At the same time, the government has not yet decided what kind of compensation and state aid will be available to business owners and employers who, by decision of the state, cannot do business and provide their services.

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He noted that offsetting part of staff costs through first aid currently only addresses about 60% of staff costs. And according to Harbock, this help for companies that are forcibly closed is not enough. The only information so far is that tourism aid for the period from September to November 2021 should start in early December.

He added that thousands of entrepreneurs and tens of thousands of workers in the hotel and restaurant industry are losing confidence that the state will help them in time, and thus the entire industry is in danger of economic collapse. Tourism entrepreneurs and employees are struggling due to poor communication in the pandemic zone and ineffective and slow assistance to their businesses and work.

According to Harbuľák, the AHRS highlights and supports the voluntary activities of hotel and restaurant owners, which they want to thank and reward people over 50, especially those who have decided to vaccinate these days. It also encourages others to join in and support this activity. The AHRS wants to contribute to the fact that as many territories as possible get the Joker in the form of a transition from black to better stages.

He added that the Society for Human Rights in Slovakia calls on the Slovak government to take such decisions that will really help the overcrowded health care system and contribute to reducing the number of hospitalizations as soon as possible. At the same time, he has repeatedly called for the launch of First Aid++ and the reintroduction of the possibility of drawing a contribution to the 3B sales decline. “We want to get out of the black so we can work, save a portion of the winter, and beat the third wave of the pandemic economically., “He finished.

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