October 22, 2021

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The new Apple Watch Series 7 hides a wireless module

The new Apple Watch Series 7 hides a wireless module

smart watch Apple Watch Series 7, which was introduced just last week, contains a secret wireless connection designed to transmit data.

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FCC documents revealed that the latest Apple Watch model is equipped with a 60.5GHz wireless module, which has not previously appeared in any Apple product. This unit is responsible for transmitting data to the watch.

A special Apple-made dock will be required to enable this feature. All that is known about it is that it has a magnetic clasp to keep the watch in place, and it is equipped with a USB-C port.

Since Apple does not offer this technology, it is likely that this dock is intended for internal use by the company only. This device should be able to transfer data at a speed of 480MB/s. It is very similar to USB 2.0 speed.

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As we already know, every Apple Watch model had a hidden service port where the strap was inserted. Apple is likely to test a new way to monitor data through a wireless transmitter and platform.

There is also a possibility that Apple will also try to transfer data here due to the fact that for a few years now there has been talk of an iPhone without connectors, which will only work on wireless charging.

This topic is now relevant as presented by the European Union Law, when all smartphones in Europe should have a single USB-C connector. Since Apple is pretty stubborn about this, we’d expect the company to remove the charging connector entirely instead of deploying USB-C.

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while new Iphone a IPAD The sale began on September 24, and no word has been said about the availability of the new Apple Watch. We’ll have to wait for Apple to bring more information.

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