January 24, 2022

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The mythical city of Esteropolis is nearing demolition: Mayor Koso has given up on circumstances!

“Istropolis is not a family home, an apartment building or an office building. It is a cultural and social conference center part of Bratislava. We were expecting a written guarantee from the investor for several months, under which he pledges that Istropolis will be a replacement.” stated Kus, who, according to his words, after experience from other projects, does not have such confidence in perceptions.

The requirements are not considered to be excessive or insufficient. The city district is willing to waive the requirement to build a municipal kindergarten, but the city district administration is required to comply. This is, for example, a condition for the construction of a cultural, social and conference center in the first phase of the project, which the developer must comply with even under the threat of sanctions. Another condition that the mayor gave last year was the preservation of several important artifacts or trees and green spaces, which the city district would consider valuable. The city and metropolitan area should also have the opportunity to comment on public spaces.

Source: TASR – Dano Veselský

“It is my duty to make these demands and I will do everything in my power to ensure that these demands are met. I do not consider any of them to be excessive and inappropriate.” Koso said. He is ready to negotiate them “indefinitely”, that is, until they are fulfilled. However, he admitted that, after his own experience, he would in no way announce that he would not sign the demolition permit until the conditions were met.

The mayor also stressed the necessity of building the new social, cultural and conference center in Trnava Mitu regardless of any financial assistance from the state. The question of where to build the National Culture and Convention Center (NKKC) is still open. The new center should be built regardless of whether there is financial aid from the state,” Koso added.

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Rudolf Kosu

Source: Topky – Ján Zemiar

Investor irresistible

The investor does not object to discussing the proposed requirements. “We record the conditions of the mayor, heard today, and after their internal analysis, we are ready for a discussion with the aim of offering the best possible solution to the residents of the city district and the whole of Bratislava,” said Martin Aramco, CEO of Immocap Group.

At the same time, he noted that since the acquisition of the Trade Union Council in 2017, the company has publicly announced the preservation of the cultural and social function in the region and the expansion of the Trnavsk mýto site, which has been destroyed for years. “In nearly four years of preparations, we strive to set such standards for the project that Bratislava will have a modern public space, a cultural center and a conference center, which we will all be proud of.” Šramko confirmed.