January 24, 2022

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The most mutated type of Covid virus spreads from Africa, and it can resist antibodies

The most mutated type of Covid virus spreads from Africa, and it can resist antibodies

Tests in many countries, including European countries, have revealed a new variant Corona Virusst. The mutation, referred to as C.1.2, is by far the furthest from the original Wuhan virus from China. It is based on data from the South African National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Kwazul-Natal Sequencing and Research Innovation platform.

“We describe the newly discovered SARS-CoV-2 line with several mutations in (genetic information about) the S protein, which emerged in the capital region of South Africa after the first wave of the epidemic. It has now spread to several sites in two adjacent provinces. It had rapidly expanded and become dominant in the three provinces at the same time that the disease was rapidly rising again,” The scientists mentioned in their report.

A new mutation of the coronavirus in South Africa, called C.1.2, was first detected in May this year. Since then, the disease has spread to most provinces of the country, but cases are already known in Europe and Asia.

He got away from the flood virus

As of August 20, according to India TV News portal, 80 sequence samples matching variant C.1.2 have been included in the open database of GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing of Avian Influenza Data).

This type of coronavirus evolved from the C.1 variant, which dominated South Africa last year during the first wave of the pandemic. Alternative C 1.2. It is 44 to 59 mutations away from the original variant of the coronavirus that was first discovered in China last year.

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Compared to the previous boom in South Africa, the new variant has mutated significantly. It is the farthest mutation in the virus ever detected in Wuhan. The variant has the largest number of presentations i.e. 16. Other known variants have 14 to 15 at most.

According to scientists, it contains an additional component “This branch of the virus is a disturbing collection of mutations”. It also contains mutations associated with a higher rate of infection and antibody resistance, but scientists do not yet have enough data to determine the severity of infection and resistance to vaccination, Reuters reports.

Precisely because of the speed of the mutation, this virus can be contagious even to people who have already outlived the virus. According to scientists, the C.1.2 variable is “It is associated with increased portability and reduced sensitivity of the equation”. Thus, it is likely that it will be difficult for the human body to deal with this type of COVID-19 disease.

It’s still a small event

However, this variant does not exist yet to the extent that it can be classified as “variable interest” or “An alarming choice”, Like the more contagious variants of Delta (first detected in India) and Beta, which emerged last year in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Europe is still struggling with the covid delta variant, which causes a loss of taste and smell, a cough or a fever. According to British researchers, more than half of those who contracted the mutation despite vaccination had “common” symptoms of covid-19.

Vaccination does not completely protect against infection. Even people who have completed vaccination and contracted deltaviruses can transmit the coronavirus as well as those who did not get vaccinated. This was reported by the British government health agency Public Health England. However, at the same time, it published data that 55.1 percent of Delta patients admitted to hospital since July 19 were not immune.

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South Africa is one of the African countries that have been hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. In total, there have been more than 2.7 million cases and about 81,830 deaths since the start of the pandemic. In South Africa, as in many other countries, the most contagious delta variant currently predominates, replacing the original local experimental variant.