January 21, 2022

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The most detailed view of our sun?  This photo is made up of 150,000 individual frames

The most detailed view of our sun? This photo is made up of 150,000 individual frames

What does the surface of the Sun, our closest star, look like? You can look at it in a photographer Andrew McCarthy. Gate writes that he claims this is the most detailed shot of our star daily Mail.

The resulting image consists of 150,000 single shots which the photographer linked together. A number of images made it possible for the artist to capture the really minute details that are on the surface of the nearest star. You can especially notice small craters or fiery ripples that emit from the sun. At the same time, a solar flare is forming on the surface of the Sun.

Solar flares Huge explosions in the atmosphere of our sun.. The energy of the explosion is about one billion megatons. A solar flare can spread to surrounding space at speeds of up to one million km/h. It arises as a reaction of the solar atmosphere to a sudden and rapid radiating process of energy. This energy is believed to be of magnetic origin. Solar flares are associated with the sun’s active regions and many are located around sunspots.

Zdroj: Instagram (@cosmic_background)

The resulting image is 300 megapixels, which is Ten times the resolution of a normal photo. Closer shots of the surface reveal plumage and feather-like patterns. There are also mysterious sunspots in the image.

Sunspots are found in the sun’s atmosphere and have an irregular round shape. Small spots are only present for a few hours, while larger spots live for up to a few months. The place of their appearance and their number depends on the solar cycle. If the sun is at the solar minimum, the spots are almost non-existent. During the period of maximum solar energy, their number is much higher.

“In the image processing stage, I have no idea what the resulting image will look like. When I looked at the last shot, I knew this image was really special,” McCarthy explains.

The most detailed image of our sun.
Zdroj: Instagram (@cosmic_background)

Taking pictures the sun is not boring

The photographer claims that photographing the sun is an exciting process for him, Because it is different from depicting other cosmic bodies. The work is compared to photographing the moon. According to him, our natural satellite images are to some extent evidence of how clear the sky is.

“Taking pictures of the sun is never boring,” McCarthy adds.

The artist used a specially modified telescope to take the picture. He took several snapshots of our star, then tied them together. This allowed him to create an incredibly detailed single shot.

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The most detailed image of our sun.
Zdroj: Instagram (@cosmic_background)

The sun is located in the middle of the solar system and is an almost perfect plasma ball. It has a diameter of 1.39 million km and a mass of 330,000 times that of Earth. Our sun is made up of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, and iron. By type, our star is classified in the main sequence, among type G stars. These stars are sometimes referred to as yellow dwarfs.

our star formation From a huge molecular cloud. Matter gradually began to accumulate on itself until the star formed. From the rest of the material that was not swallowed up by the sun, the planets and everything else in the solar system were created.

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