November 28, 2021

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The MIUI 13 extension will be a big change for Xiaomi smartphones: all this will change, what do you say to him?

The arrival of the new MIUI 13 superstructure is fast approaching. The new system will be Aimed at dozens of smartphones, mainly for those who have been introduced in the last two years. Still, some popular smartphones They will stay in front of the gate This version of the system, as we only recently learned. The superstructure of the number thirteen, though, recently More and more appear in public And the latest info points to the new Xiaomi Launcher, which is the foundation of every Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone. However, the smartphone-designed Poco operator from another subsidiary will also undergo changes. So what changes await us in the new superstructure? The answer comes to us from the gate

Many interesting widgets are coming to the scene

It is no secret that the superstructure MIUI 13 Inspired by Competitors And bring up a novelty that’s been on iOS from Apple for a year or so Android 12. Tools will be a huge part of the system, as they have moved into the background over the years and should return to the scene next year. Improved, more elegant, with new and cool features Fits the material design you are, which is the new user interface standard for MIUI 13.


Mi launcher new

Built-in launcher for Xiaomi smartphones It’s great, easy to work with, and supports a number of customizations. And if its design does not suit you, Still editable with themesProvided by the MIUI superstructure itself. However, Xiaomi Launcher will also undergo many changes in the MIUI 13 addon The design of the environment will change as much as possible. The environment should bring new animations, the ability to interact with said tools and also New search rowWhich, again, is strikingly reminiscent of Apple’s iOS. So it looks like the system environment will be drilled down to the last detail.

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MIUI 13 environment
Source: MIUIes

MIUI 13 Body Control Center is inspired by iOS

iPhone Control Center He is creative and probably everyone knows him. However, Xiaomi should also be inspired by it, and while we may see a change in the layout of the Control Center this year, Next year will undergo even greater changes. The new superstructure bearing the number 13 will be reworked in every detail and the news will definitely not be missing. What do you say you love?

MIUI 13 New Control Center

The MIUI 13 superstructure will surely have something to offer and All we have to do is wait for the newswhich the expected system will bring. The show is already scheduled for Next weeks Although we do not know when it will be officially launched in our market. Do you like the new interface of the MIUI superstructure? Will your smartphone still be among the compatible devices? Share with us in the comments!

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