December 2, 2021

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The metropolis of the East is clear in this regard. Only the vaccination – the country – the economy will enter the Christmas markets

“The winners will be the 2019 evaluation winners, according to the rules and tradition, these sellers have the priority opportunity to participate in the event again every year,” said Kosice spokesperson Vladimir Fabian.


09.11.2021 11:25

After a year’s break, the Christmas markets will be held in Kosice again. The city has informed that there will be 15 booths on Hlavna Street and the event will be for coronavirus vaccines with a capacity of 1,000 or 100 visitors, respectively, depending on the color of the area inside the COVID vending machine.

The forests of Kosice will bring a Christmas tree to Hlavna Street on Thursday, November 18. At the same time, light decoration begins on this day. New is the Univerzitní street lighting or City Park lighting fixtures at the emerging ice rink. Visitors will be able to visit Rozprávkov, where they will see installations with motifs from Slovak fairy tales.

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Kosice’s fairy tale Christmas will begin on December 1, and its grand opening is scheduled for December 5. Visitors will be able to enjoy it until December 23 and January 6, respectively, but from December 23 to January 6, there will be no cultural program, except for New Year’s Eve. The stands will be open during this period, but there will be no performances or concerts.

“This week, in cooperation with the Kosice Autonomous Region, the city will send a vaccination bus to 5 sites to achieve a vaccination rate of 65 percent for people over 50 years of age, ensuring that the city of Kosice does not blacken the COVID traffic light,” concluded Fabian.

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