October 23, 2021

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The media in the United States has problems, although there is great public interest

The media in the United States has problems, although there is great public interest

US regional media is experiencing a sharp increase in the public interest, but due to declining advertising revenue, it has existential problems and some of it is disappearing. This is according to information from the American press. Daily newspapers and regional radio stations have always been very important in the USA, but the dire situation has thrown them into existential problems.

According to the Los Angeles Times, readers, listeners, and viewers “are actively searching regional media for information about the spread of disease in their immediate area, the location of testing centers and the impact of the crisis on the commercial network at their location of residence or workplace.” Traffic to web news servers, as well as sales of print newspapers and magazines, are also increasing.

Decline in advertising revenue

However, despite the increased interest, publishers are facing existential problems due to declining advertising revenue. Many editorial rooms have to lay off jobs, and others pay an hourly wage to editors who do not have a permanent job. Exceptions are not the case when logs and web servers disappear.

Local bars, restaurants, fitness centers and recreation centers stopped working and advertising zero, as he complained to AP Craig Borges, editor-in-chief of the Massachusetts Sun Chronicle. Not only were many of the editors of his memoirs fired, the employees of the sales and management department were also fired. There were a few people in the editing room.

US experts have long predicted that the future economic crisis, which many believe appears as a result of panpedemia, will be final for many media outlets, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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Regional media in the United States have had problems for a long time, since 2004, 2,100 American cities have lost their diaries, and in other regional media, the number of editors has been halved.

Internet giants Google or Facebook have dominated the internet market. The chances of earning income from subscribing to web editions, as with large national newspapers, are very slim.

According to the analytical company FTI Consulting, the revenue of American newspapers has fallen by up to a third since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic compared to the same period last year. Major US publishers, Gannett and Lee Enterprises, recently announced pay cuts and send editors on involuntary leave.

LACOR News reports that the $2.3 trillion in financial injection decided by the White House last week could also help newsrooms keep their employees’ jobs.

A group of publishers sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Monday requesting financial assistance to maintain the independence of their news coverage.