January 16, 2022

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The mayor suspended a lawyer's money in the lawsuit against him.  Sees no conflict of interest

The mayor suspended a lawyer’s money in the lawsuit against him. Sees no conflict of interest

Blashkovichova ends: I will not take part in it.

good. In June, Old Town deputies agreed to start proceedings against Mayor Igor Petrovsk (exSpol).

The reason is a suspected violation of the law with regard to protecting the public interest and preventing conflict of interest.

This is the second similar decision, the first in May not signed by the mayor.

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The article continues under the video ad

They wanted to help the lawyers

According to the initiative, the mayor did not fulfill the obligation to terminate employment upon assuming a public office.

If the actions are at the expense of Petrovchikov, he may risk losing his job as mayor. In his case, this would be his second violation, two years ago he didn’t mention his debts in the property affidavit.

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The chairperson of the Committee for the Protection of the Public Interest, Oba Blashkovichova (independent), warned in May that the law is not considering the situation if the legal system of the city district is being investigated.

Especially if there is no attorney or expert in local law on the board. A lawyer who has a work contract signed by the legal party on his behalf rescue, According to her, immediately a conflict of interest.

He did not sign the resolution again

Therefore, the deputies obliged the mayor to conclude a contract for the provision of legal services.

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