January 21, 2022

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The match opened my eyes, we have a big problem

Yesterday 22:10

After a jubilant entry into the overtime league Tepos, when Prešov beat Banska Bystrica at home in the first round (5:4), came the realism.

First it was with the newcomer from Spišská Nová Ves (0:5), then with Poprad (2:4) and the third failure was completed by the trustees of Ernest Bokroš in Nové Zámky. In the fourth round on Friday, the residents of Prešov lost 1:8 to the home team.

“It is difficult for me to evaluate this match, I can only say so much that I thought that when we played such a meeting in Spišská Nová Ves, it was a bad day for Prešov, but today I opened my eyes and I think we have a big problem to solve within the cooperative, “ The coach said pocross At a press conference after the match in Novi Zamki.

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“I will say that. We coaches push to play nice offensive hockey, you just need to have certain players and a certain quality. I think today’s meeting opened our eyes that we don’t have such hockey. We have to play honest hockey from behind.”

After Nové Zámky’s second goal, coach Bokroš tried to give the players a new impetus by replacing the goalkeeper, when Petríka was replaced by Bespalov, but this did not bring the desired result.

“Petrick couldn’t get the second goal, there was a clear numbering. With the substitution, I wanted to give the players an incentive to do something quickly and stop it, but we collapsed like a house of carats. We have something to do at the club because the league is going on and the points are running out. Those who don’t Getting started can get in big trouble.

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Watch these four games, we totally failed in attack. If we defend well and play our most defensive game, we get 1-2 goals. When we open it up and we want to play nice offensive modern hockey with this team, we got five in Spišská, eight today… That speaks for itself,” The 62-year-old coach finished.

Prešov Dukla Trenčín awaits at home for their next match (October 3, Sunday), and Nové Zámky will travel to Poprad.

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