January 19, 2022

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The main stop is my great pain, we are ready for a change, we are waiting for the country

The city of Bratislava has a new bus terminal as of Thursday. However, even after years of plans and promises, the main railway station remains without extensive rebuilding.

The mayor of Bratislava, Matos Vallo, claims his heart aches because of the shape of the main station. “I still ask and ask the people in their hands, the Minister of Transport and the Prime MinisterVallow said Thursday.

They are waiting for the state

The mayor hopes to approach the joint announcement of an architectural competition to renovate the pre-station plaza and main station. “We are ready to announce it. However, we are waiting for state interventionValo said. According to him, it is important that after the new bus station, Bratislava also has a railway station at the level of the XXI century.

Transport Minister Andre Dolial (candidate We Are Family) announced last year that if the main station was to be rebuilt, it would be done in cooperation with the city of Bratislava.

It is not only about the building, but also about the area in front of the station“Even here, it is necessary to first look for sources of funding.

big architecture competition

The Bratislava City Council repeatedly claims that the main station and the surrounding area must be resolved by one major architectural competition. In an interview with TASR in 2018, Vallo said that both the main station and the planned future branch of the station have advantages and disadvantages.

The branch will be an excellent suburban train station. The main station is good for heading to Austria, Prague or northern Slovakia. It will be the same as in other European capitals, which have many railway stations. However, my priority will be to renovate the central station, “He said.

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In 2019, the Railways of the Slovak Republic published a feasibility study for the Bratislava Junction, which will have a significant impact on the development of rail transport in the capital.

The document assumes that by 2025 work should begin on projects to modernize the main station in Bratislava and revitalize the outskirts of Bratislava – the Bratislava branch division. By 2030, implementation of these projects can begin.