January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The mail revealed the ruling party during the lockdown.  "Bring your pride," country officials wrote in the instructions

The mail revealed the ruling party during the lockdown. “Bring your pride,” country officials wrote in the instructions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other senior officials in his Downing Street office were again criticized by the public on Monday for allegedly being parties when they were locked up in late 2020.

An email was released last May inviting more than a hundred colleagues to a party at a time when Prime Minister Martin Reynolds’ rallies were banned. The AFP news agency quoted the British media as saying.

Bring your pride

“After a very difficult period, it would be nice to have some drinks on Downing Street tonight, taking advantage of the good weather, to keep your distance.” It is written in the review invitation. In it, Reynolds said guests should bring their own “pride” to the celebration, which begins at 6 p.m.

The British Prime Minister is facing criticism over several unrecognized parties on Downing Street. For example, a photo of Johnson, his wife Gary and other guests in the garden of the Prime Minister’s House sparked outrage last year. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb in December, it was not a party, but a working group.

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He denied violating anti-epidemic rules

Another scandal involves a video released by ITV News. He filmed high-ranking Downing Street staff making fun of a Christmas party that was supposed to take place at a time when strict anti-AIDS restrictions were in place. This record is said to have been made on December 22, 2020 – four days after it was supposed to be celebrated.

Sue Gray, the government’s second-in-command, who was in charge of investigating the parties when they were locked down on Downing Street in London, is expected to cover up the latest allegations in the investigation. The government cabinet had earlier denied violating the anti-epidemic rules.

Source: TASR