January 29, 2022

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The magnificent Royal Hill will be built above the city, and the garden full of greenery will be a part of it

The magnificent Royal Hill will be built above the city, and the garden full of greenery will be a part of it

Zdroj: Invictus Holdings

LUČENEC – As part of a comprehensive approach to the Integrated Regional Strategy (IÚS), the Autonomous District of Banska Bystrica is preparing a project plan entitled “Network of Regional Environmental Centers”. The plan envisages five environmental centers in the IÚS strategic planning area, one of which is in the town of Lučenec.

“Our city is one of the partners who will participate in the project plan,” The city of Lučenec . informed on your profile on a social network.

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“A business meeting on the possibility of building another environmental center in our district was held with the investor, Invictum Holdings, in the first week of January in the municipal office building. Representatives of Invictum Holdings presented their unique project plan for the ecological, educational, suburban, historical, natural and recreational district of Kráľovské vrchy , “ Lučenec autonomy added.

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As they further mentioned, the project plan includes water retention measures, a system of photovoltaic systems with vertical green spaces, vegetated roofs and walls. “The project manages water, energy or waste resources efficiently. They support local biodiversity, preserve trees and plant new forest areas for research.” Added space.

According to the self-government, the project plan plans to build a residential part, a pond, and a water reservoir, and provides for research, development and innovation activities in the fields of botany, dendrology, climatology, landscape architecture and the environment.

He added, “The project plan will bring job vacancies and educational and research opportunities to the region. It will support the development of tourism and the recreational use of leisure time in a healthy environment. It will be suitable for organizing various conferences or other events,” City claims.

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We notified you of the intent in July last year, when the company published materials that had been assessed by the relevant authorities in the EIA process.

Source: Invictum Holdings, AS, by AU-PLANSTAV, sro, Environmental Plan Center

As the proponents informed at the time, the ecological center should stand on the border of the areal area of ​​Lučenec and Opatová. “On the east side, the district is bounded by First State Road, Class No. I/71, adjacent to the Art Nouveau manor house area, park (the area and farmhouse reconstruction is currently underway) and cemetery,” Describe the site with the fact that there is agricultural land on the north side and adjacent to the gardening site in the south. The total area of ​​u200bu200bthe area should be about 9.5 hectares. The majority of the land is owned by the investor.