January 16, 2022

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The law paves the way for pro-Navalny opponents to be excluded from elections

Alexei Navalny, during the trial on February 20, 2021 in Moscow. – Alexander Zemlyanichenko / AP / SIPA

A few months before the Assembly elections, Law prohibiting employees of “extremist” organizations It was approved by senators this Wednesday to run in the election
Russian, A move criticized by the opposition.

The Confederation Council (Upper House) passed by 146 votes and the bill has already been approved by the delegates. To be signed now President Vladimir Putin To come into effect.

The opponent’s regional offices are classified as “extremists.”

The text is widely seen by Kremlin critics as targeting supporters Imprisoned protester Alexei Navalny, The government side heard justice
To classify its organizations as “extremists”, As well as radical nationalist and religious organizations.

The lawyer says Navalny’s movement seeks to “disrupt the social situation” in Russia “under the guise of liberal slogans.” The effect of this procedure leaves little doubt: the adversary’s network of regional offices is already classified as “extremist” by financial oversight services.

Enemies were searched and arrested

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections in September, as the Kremlin’s United Russia is in the throes of a recession.

Critics of Russian power have been targeted by searches in recent days, and two people, Andrei Pivovarov and Dmitry Gutkov, have been arrested in connection with various investigations.

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