October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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The latest survey has revealed 461 objects at the edge of the solar system: the ninth planet is still missing, however.

Could our system have a planet we don’t know about? Planet Nine is the subject of much controversy, although the scientists who came up with this theory recently brought up a map. she says Where we can find a mysterious planet.

We will soon be able to rely on next-generation telescopes, such as the James Webb Space Telescope or the Roman Nancy Grace Space Telescope. The site writes that they will help us answer the biggest questions and may even help us find Planet Nine universe today. But today we have to rely on what we have.

For example, the Dark Energy Survey, which serves to unravel another cosmic mystery, dark energy. This survey recently released the results of its 6-year mission to explore the outer part of the solar system – the region where Planet Nine should lie. The search was detected 461 undiscovered cosmic objects. They can answer questions about our solar system’s past, but in this case there is no fuss and no hearing after Planet Nine.

Planet Nine could explain the mysterious behavior of objects outside Neptune. Best estimates suggest that this hitherto unseen planet may be Ten times heavier than Earth. From the Sun, Planet Nine is located about 800 AU (Editor’s note: The astronomical unit is the Earth’s distance from the Sun.)

However, we have no idea yet if the planet existed and how exactly it formed. Some theories claim that Planet Nine was drawn to the gravitational pull of our Sun, sometime in the past when it was still a wandering planet. On the other hand, another theory says that the planet formed far from the sun, no It was pushed a little closer by a star that flew near us.

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But there is little evidence. The dark energy survey isn’t the only experiment that hasn’t found any trace of the planet. This year, it was not revealed by a WISE or Pan-STARRS poll. However, scientists do not exclude the possibility of the existence of the planet. In this case, just look at the right place at the right time and the planet should be discovered.

The objects discovered by the Dark Energy Survey are trans-Neptune objects. It is a class of things that lie outside the orbit of the planet Neptune. A dark energy survey has detected 777 objects across Neptune and In total, there are approximately 4,000 of them in our system.

These objects are believed to be a relic of the time when our solar system was formed. At the same time, scientists claim that the way they orbit the sun indicates something even more amazing. When our system was created, the planets were not distributed as they are today. sometime in the past Great exodus of planets And it was their motion that could move objects across Neptune to where they are now.

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