October 21, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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The last drops of gasoline are pumped into the pumps and injected into the waste bins.  The situation in Britain is deteriorating

The last drops of gasoline are pumped into the pumps and injected into the waste bins. The situation in Britain is deteriorating

The condition of petrol stations in the United Kingdom has deteriorated significantly in recent days. Fuel shortages have caused panic among people who are willing to go for a liter of petrol, a fist fight, or pick up fuel upside down in bottles or trash cans.

The United Kingdom has been facing severe economic problems in recent days. The lack of drivers for trucks and tanks led to shortages not only of food but also of fuel in particular. According to foreign sources, almost every petrol station in British cities today suffers from fuel shortages, and the difficult situation is slowly shifting to less busy areas. Brexit may also be a factor in the current crisis.

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It is also confirmed by a statement that this difficult issue affects everyone without distinction Daily MailLess than 7 hours after watching a gas station in Manchester, football star aides Cristiano Ronaldo also waited for petrol. However, not liking celebrities on other days is probably the least problem they solve at gas stations.

Fist fighting, refueling in baskets or bottles

Despite numerous reports from the government and companies to the effect that residents of private cities are not panicking, people have responded with great panic to the fuel shortage. However, the call did not help and there have been dozens of attacks, mass wars or aggressive fist fights between annoying gas station customers in the past week.

In addition, many people decided to deal with this situation and carried petrol in everything they could fill. Scenes of many gas stations, how people refuel in plastic bottles or even in garbage cans in turmoil. Despite the problems, the worst moments of this crisis affecting not only fuel but also food seem to be a thing of the past. This was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who in this extreme situation agreed to issue 10,500 temporary work visas to professional drivers from abroad.

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The military is intervening, and McDonald is in trouble

As the portal mentions hnonline.sk With the BBC news release, the government must respond immediately to the crisis and send military aid to the streets. In particular, there are 150 military drivers and 150 military members. The military is helping to calm the situation and especially the tensions of customers, which the gas station staff can no longer control. In an effort to approach the ideal and to ensure that no one is significantly constrained, so-called multiple branches of pumps are introduced. விதி 30 rule, which should be the limit of a customer.

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The shortage of truck drivers has also affected British factories, restaurants and supermarkets in recent weeks and months. Milkshakes and bottled drinks ran out last month on the American McDonald’s network, and fast food company KFC had to remove some items from its menu, and the Nando restaurant chain temporarily shut down some operations due to a lack of chickens. Supermarkets are also warning about a shortage of products ahead of Christmas – Iceland’s frozen food company and Tesco are worried.

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