January 21, 2022

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The Internet of Things and the cloud open up atypical possibilities for typical businesses

The Internet of Things and the cloud open up atypical possibilities for typical businesses

We are witnessing unseen changes that have a huge impact on the day-to-day running of business. New solutions are being introduced to the market and require services that we did not know before. What innovations will shape the market of the future and how can we move business forward today?

Sensors, sensors wherever you look

An era is coming when all devices understand each other, can exchange information and help solve various problems, however, long-distance communication has not always been a natural thing. Attempts to connect Europe and America with telegraph cables began more than 160 years ago, and since then we have not stopped improving networks that allow us to respond in real time to any event, wherever it happens.

A drastic turning point occurred with Internet marketing in the 1990s, which began a cross-sectoral transformation. The nature of work has changed forever. Do you still remember the times when we turned off the laptop, turned off the computer, disconnected the modem, and completely isolated ourselves from the world of “the Internet”? It is no longer possible today. Not only mobile phones and smart watches, but also purely analog devices from a few years ago, such as washing machines, air conditioners or coffee machines, are interconnected with each other.

Typical problem, atypical solution

It was caffeine that is why we owe not only energy to savings, but also to the creation of the first smart sensor – the webcam. “Is there still coffee?Thirty years ago, you had no choice but to inspect the coffee machine in person. A common process that is really boring if you work in a building where there is only one machine on several floors. Enough said two computer scientists from the University of Cambridge, they saved their trip to an empty coffee maker by pointing an internet-connected camera. They were able to check with their lab convenience whether it was worth continuing after the “refill”.

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Today, we can apply the same principle to complex industrial processes and production process control in industry, agriculture and other sectors. This is made possible by the Internet of Things, known by the English acronym IoT (Internet of Things). what is he talking about? The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies to communicate and exchange data with devices and systems on the Internet. In other words, the Internet of Things allows all connected objects in the network to communicate with each other, transmit data, and control them remotely.

Clever helpers that solve problems for you

Creating and evaluating data has become a part of everyday life and work. Just as we navigate an unknown city using GPS, companies use IoT and cloud technology to collect reliable and accurate data, thanks to which they gain a better overview of their business. Examples of practice are monitoring energy consumption, air quality, and leaks in distribution networks or smart city solutions.

Says Peter Bäuml, IT Solutions Manager for B2B Clients. Orange Slovakia.

The communication network is an important element that ensures the transmission of information between objects and the central system. Things are mostly off grid coverage and must run on a local source during their lifetime. Therefore, the Internet of Things makes extensive use of low-power networks. Private data is also available in Slovakia IoT packages, which is used to connect devices to the network using IoT SIM cards. Users can control devices remotely and turn them on and off as needed.

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As a typical customer Internet of Things Services At present, we can mainly imagine companies operating in the industry, wholesale and distribution companies, but also companies from the service sector. However, they can also help meet some legislative requirements, such as compliance with so-called “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or mandatory smart metering when discounting distributors’ energy consumption,” Peter Bommel adds.

Companies that have been able to apply the latest technologies in their products, which they benefit from with their customers, are one step ahead of the competition.

“In our survey, we identified a smaller percentage of companies operating in the so-called persistent cloud – in addition to reducing costs, cloud helps accelerate innovation and collaboration. These are organizations that see the cloud as more than just a cheaper alternative to a data center,” says Juraj Vaško. , Cloud, Infrastructure & EngineeringLead, Accenture Slovakia, they see this as the future of their operations.

The Accenture report shows that companies plan to move up to two-thirds of their business to the cloud within five years. Migrating data to the cloud has resulted in a cost savings of 10% for oriented companies, but the potential is much greater.

“We consider choosing a suitable cloud solution and implementing advanced procedures as conditions for the future competitiveness of companies. Artificial intelligence, edge computing, augmented reality and other modern technologies available in cloud applications and services, with the right deployment, can create a better customer experience and sustainable products and services,” Juraj Vaško adds.

The Internet of Things is relatively new. Scientist Kevin Ashton first used the phrase “Internet of Things” in 1999. According to statistics, we currently use more than 10 billion devices for the Internet of Things, and this number could triple by 2030. Therefore, even for companies doing business in the sector Typically, atypical solutions that support business growth will become increasingly available.

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