December 9, 2021

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The International Humanitarian Law Department decided on Bratislava Capitals’ request to suspend its participation in the season

Today 18:12

The ICE Hockey League administration agreed, on Tuesday, to the request of the Bratislava Capitals Hockey Club to suspend participation in the upcoming matches of the season. The Slovak representative will not appear in the table and the ranking in it will now be calculated based on the average score.

The results of the Bratislava team, which played fourteen matches before the tragic events, will remain valid. The capitals scored twenty points and ranked tenth in the fourteen-member table. The rules of IHL do not imply a boycott of the team’s participation during the season, so the next step had to be decided by a specially composed committee.

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“Fortunately, after a long and detailed discussion, the Special Committee reached a unanimous decision. Thanks to him, the clubs will not lose any points won in a fair sporting manner. From our point of view, this is the most fair decision for all players and all teams, although not the easiest. At the same time. The average score system allows us to react flexibly and quickly to any potential cancellations due to the pandemic,” The university director said Jochen Beldner Steinburg On the official IHL website.

Bratislava Capitals Club recently had two tragic reports in a matter of days. Striker Boris Sadiko collapsed on the ice in the Austrian region of Dornbirn, was in serious condition and died of heart failure at the age of 24. Two days later, the club’s vice president and general manager, Dusan Başek Jr., also passed away. “We accepted the request with understanding, but with great sadness.” advertiser International humanitarian law in opinion.

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NHL 22 has finally taken the necessary step forward: