January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The increase in the price of electricity will be more moderate for households and small businesses due to regulation

Thanks to the regulation, homes and small businesses in Slovakia will see a modest increase in electricity supply prices next year, even compared to neighboring countries. This was stated in the press release issued by the Network Industries Regulatory Office (ÚRSO).

Regulation ensures price stability

He is currently proceeding with price actions to determine the other components of the final price of electricity for Slovak homes and small businesses for 2022. The public will keep them informed of the results.

“The current situation confirms that the method of regulation as defined and implemented by URSO in the Slovak Republic not only ensures the stability of regulated prices for customers at risk, but also provides space for electricity suppliers themselves to effectively manage the wholesale risks of regulated customers.” said the head of the office Andrei Juris.

Suppliers asked for a big increase

RSO analyzed the quotations of several electricity suppliers who requested significant price increases.

In some cases, the prices they propose would increase the cost of electricity for Slovak households by tens of percent beyond the regulatory method set by the office, which the office refused to accept.

In the regulated prices, it takes into account, as a maximum, the average market prices for electricity for the first six months of this year.

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