November 28, 2021

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Alien: Isolation na mobily

The iconic horror game Alien: Isolation is coming to mobile

Creative Assembly on a new device

NS Alien: Solitude Much has been said, but can you imagine this horror action coming to mobile? According to current reports, this will indeed happen soon. What would a moving port look like and should we be afraid of it? We will discuss this in the article.

Alien: Solitude Belongs (at least in my eyes) to Best horror title last decade. At the same time, it is strange that the authors of Creative Assembly, who are primarily interested in the type of strategies, work on this. Anyway, sci-fi survival is perfectly combined stress and fear With action and survival items. This was never easy on a deserted spaceship, and it was the element of claustrophobia that was fantastically rewarding in the game.

That Votrelec in the project that took over today Absolutely unpredictable element. Immortal, but more deadly, dangerous and bloody. So it’s the same as in an excellent movie master. Quality Alien: Solitude It was also awarded in the reviews, but rightly poor sales Prevent the appearance of full persistence. So we never got to the end of the Amanda Ripley story.


Alien: Solitude is coming for mobile

To put things into perspective, the sequel technically happened. But it was a mobile address Alien: blackoutthat imitated the concept Five nights at Freddy’s. And even he couldn’t use it properly. As a result, a fat unsalted phone affair arose, which was completely forgotten about a week after the release.

Alien: Solitude But allegedly out on mobile phones Without major visual compromises. At the same time, representatives from Studio Sega (publishing house) talk about a functional outlet that comes with quality control. Although it is an old title, it sounds really good. Even for today’s conditions. So there is one main question? Is it possible to turn something similar into a good portable port?

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I think so, while like biggest argument The Switch version of 2019 will serve that claim. To pour clean wine, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the best and most powerful hardware, but the port has scored in reviews. It got excellent marks and the general consensus was that this was a good “adaptation” of the original.

Therefore, we can assume that the mobile version has received the same attention and we will see a good port, which will honor the original from 2014. Perhaps, thanks to the success, there will be a second official number, which I will embark on with enthusiasm and joy. In the end, one can be written – release date is currently scheduled for December 16, 2021. Of course, it will not be free and you will pay for the full address 14.99 €And it’s not a bad price for existing content (DLC will also be available). Even if the port is good.

What do you say to Alien: Solitude for mobile devices? Do you believe in quality or do we have bitter disappointment? Feel free to tell us through the comments section.