December 9, 2021

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The Homeless Theater Festival must take place at the Palazzo Pistore from Friday… | Old town city neighborhoods

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The 15th International Festival of Homeless Theaters ERROR 2021 will be held at Pisztory Palace on Štefánikova 25 in Bratislava on November 26-27, 2021. Theaters from V4 countries will be presented to the public for two days.

The festival will traditionally open on Friday, November 26, the Czech dance theater Amnesiatheatre with a performance of the magician. Immediately after him, the Grand Choir will perform Radosť z Pezinka, which will introduce us to the whole of Slovakia with the help of folk songs. The Hopi Hop Social Theater from Kosice will tell in a small space and in a short time the story of the eternal struggle against the destiny called the millionaire. The evening will feature the Homeless Theater with a production of Circus Madras, which will bring a playful avant-garde play by Russian surrealist artist Daniel Charms to the stage. The Friday program at the Czech Valhalla Theater will conclude with the play Nivac 1 Pepper, a grand homage to the golden years of Prague’s homeless theaters 2003-2013.

Saturday morning artists and social activities will share their experiences at an international conference. The Hungarian Homeless Theater AHA will kick off an afternoon theater evening with the play Dark Silence, which tells the surprising and tragic story of a doctor and his patient. The newcomer to this year’s festival is the Polish homeless theater Teatr Bezdomnych with the play Stráže! guards! The game is based on the fictional novel by Terry Pratchett and the night city guard fights not only with the dangers of the world, but also with its weaknesses. Street circus Naděje z Prahy will be shown with a funky production by Lopata on their heads. It consists of circus images of young people who can help each other together from the street to the warmth of the house. Theater of the Cape from Spain with movement performance Nobody touches the topic of children who have nothing. The Hopi Hope Theater in Kosice will also perform on Saturday, this time with The Emperor’s New Dress. Saturday night’s star will be the Czech theater troupe Rozkosz, where people involved in the sex trade and the homeless play. The stage play Kvetinová Harpya will answer the question of why hotelier Kvetinová Harpya exists and who will ultimately win her heart.

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SNG has published a book that tells the story of Slovakia through art

Slovakia in the works of the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is a new narrative publication published by SNG in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic. The book, which tells the story of our country through art, was revived in Bratislava this week.

ERROR International Festival of Homeless Theaters is the only festival in Europe that focuses on theaters where homeless and other socially excluded or disadvantaged people perform. It creates a space where theater groups working with marginalized groups can present original theater performances to the general public. It raises the profile of social issues, contributes to overcoming stereotypes and prejudices towards the homeless and other disadvantaged people, and assists in the process of resettlement and reintegration.

The festival will take place live at the Pisztory Palace and will be streamed online via YouTube. Both forms of tracking are free. The festival will be held in OP (Vaccines, Bypass) mode, so only people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and people who have overcome Covid-19 at least 180 days ago will be allowed entry to all theater performances. Viewpoint is limited.

The festival will be held under the auspices of the Mayor of Bratislava-Stari Mesto Zuzana Ovrekhtova. The main partner of ERROR 2021 is the International Visegrad Fund. Other supporters of the festival are: Bratislava City Foundation from the Slovak Capital Bratislava Budget, Bratislava-Stari Mesto, Bratislava Capital from the Bratislava Scholarship Program for All, Erasmus+, Todos, Mr. Rabbit, Drift Advertising, Eni Design, Nota Pen.

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