January 21, 2022

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The head of the World Health Organization says Omikron is less dangerous, but not mild.  In Ireland, hospitals are holding up, the worst in the US

The head of the World Health Organization says Omikron is less dangerous, but not mild. In Ireland, hospitals are holding up, the worst in the US

It can also be called an omikron variable signature. In many countries on many continents, newly discovered cases of coronavirus infection rose sharply, resembling a vertical line.

Previous records and waves look like a poor omicron setting.

This is further demonstrated in Australia, which is now mentioned in connection with the refusal to enter the unvaccinated, but due to Novak Djokovic’s overtake of the Australian Open. Although the country has kept the entire epidemic level low, it currently has as many infected as Slovakia at the height of the delta wave.

The daily number of new cases in Australia per million inhabitants. Source – Our World in Data

But Australia is not alone. Similar increases, sometimes exceeding previous records, can be observed in Argentina, Guyana, the USA, Canada, almost all countries of Western Europe, but also in Greece and Montenegro. At the moment, Asia is resilient, some African countries are also setting records, but there are very few tests there.

Daily number of new cases in selected countries in Western Europe, the United States and Canada. Source – Our World in Data

Less serious, but not mild

There are currently more positive cases worldwide than at any time during the pandemic. Omicron is very contagious and therefore circumvents immunity from a vaccine and previous infection (it can still protect against disease without vaccination, according to Qatar data). in 56 percent) that the American Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation published a model before Christmas It infects three billion people all over the planet.

That’s nearly 40 percent of the world’s population. These will be real cases, not the ones the test found. These will According to them There were many people already infected during the two years of the epidemic.

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The question now is how hospitals can handle it. Estimates from various countries suggest that Omicron could send about half as many people to hospitals as Delta. still will be at the alpha variable level.

“Although Omicron appears to be less dangerous than Delta, especially the vaccine, that does not mean we should call it mild. Like previous variants, it sends people to the hospital and also kills them.” He said According to AFP, WHO chief Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus.

As the current Omicron wave in hospitals shows, we examined the examples of Ireland and the United States.

The number of cases per million people worldwide. Source – Our World in Data


The Irish may seem to suffer from deja vu. At the beginning of the new year belong to In January 2021 Among the worst in the world in terms of the number of cases.

A country the size of Slovakia, for example, reported on Thursday Nearly 24,000 new cases of infection. Positive PCR tests are about 50 percent, experts they canThis, in fact, the number of infected can be two or three times.

“I can confirm that this alternative is literally spreading like wildfire. Everyone in or near the household has someone who has been infected in recent days. Many employers are having trouble running services due to a labor shortage,” says Ivor Masica, a Slovakian pharmacist based in Ireland. , “The people are missing everywhere.”

They still have hospitals