January 22, 2022

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The Godfather gave a warning: Weiss is either going away now or not at all - team - football - sport

The Godfather gave a warning: Weiss is either going away now or not at all – team – football – sport

The secretary about the coaching position in the Slovak national football team is really intertwined. There are many followers, and none of them are ever favourite.

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ŠK Slovan Bratislava General Manager Ivan Kmotrík Jr.

Behind the scenes, there are whispers about several names – Vladimir Weiss, current coach Stefan Tarkovic, Adrian Gu or even Czechs Pavel Frb or Petrov Rad.

According to bookmakers, the most likely candidate is Bratislava Slav coach Vladimir Weiss Sr., who has already worked with the national team in the past. However, he has a valid contract with the Slovakian master, so the employer also has something to say about his performance in the warning.

Therefore, a few days later, the general manager of the club, Ivan Komotrick Jr., decided to speak.

“Our priority in the winter is to put ourselves in order so we know what we can expect in the summer. If coach Weiss leaves, he will now leave in the winter and join the national team. So far we will find a coach who will stay here for six months and prepare the team for European competitions,” the football official said. In an interview with RTVS.

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“I can’t imagine being in such a state of uncertainty that coach Weiss would tell us that he’s leaving in the summer. Either we agree with him to continue cooperating in the coming period or we look for an alternative. Like this one who is ready to move our team in the winter and then fight with him.” in the European Championships.

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The Slovak national team did not qualify for the World Championships in Qatar. Two rounds before the end of the playoffs it was known that he was not going to advance. This is why Stefan Tarkovic’s chair is uncertain. In addition, his contract with SFZ has expired.

Weiss recently recalled the honor of leading the national team.

“The national team is not rejected, it is the greatest honor and reward for the coach for his work. I was a coach in Slovakia, and I worked in Georgia for five years.

Bratislava Football Sport Round 16 Slovan Weiss Read more Weiss wouldn’t refuse to act. Does SFZ agree with The Godfather?

I know what it means to lead a national team. However, I am currently the coach of the Slovan national team. If people help each other and trust each other, it can be done by this year’s deadlines.

It will probably be difficult in the long run, but if the club does not accept him, I will remain coach of Slovan until the summer. “We’ll see what happens next,” Weiss said after his team’s game last fall.

Vice Street. He led Slovakia from 2008 to 2012 and led them to a historic lead in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Before returning to the club scene as a Slav coach, he led the Georgian national team (2016-2020). Weiss has a contract at Tehelney Bowl until the summer.