October 21, 2021

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The French want to block a trade agreement with Australia

The French want to block a trade agreement with Australia

Global UK? He built, Paris says.

Paris, Bratislava. France often does not take strong action against its closest allies.

However, when it withdrew its ambassadors to the US and Australia last weekend, the media also asked why they were not acting against a third member of the New Auxiliary Alliance that angered Paris.

Paris had its ambassador in London. Foreign Secretary Clement Beyonc responded that there was no need for a withdrawal because the alliance was less important to the British.

Back to the American sub

“Our British friends have told us to leave the European Union to build a global Britain,” Brexit lawyers recalled in an interview with France 24.

“Now we see them returning to American slavery and accepting the status quo of power.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Reacted in a different way. “Our love for France is indestructible,” he said On Monday, according to Independent. He noted, for example, that French and British troops stood side by side during NATO missions in the Baltic states.

The French were outraged by Australia’s agreement, in which three Anglo-Saxon states would exchange defense technologies.

As part of the formation of the alliance, which had been secretly negotiated for about eighteen months, it terminated the contract with the French company Naval Group. Purchase Twelve diesel-powered Barakuda submarines will buy nuclear-powered submarines from the Americans for 50 50 billion instead.

He sees this as an opportunity to strengthen its position in the Pacific, especially China.

In France, however, I see this as a betrayal, as French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian spoke indecently about the Australian government’s “stabbing in the back” or “hypocrisy”. The effects of the new alliance may be far more comprehensive than a failed submarine trade.

European agreement at risk

Negotiations are currently underway for a free trade agreement between the European Union and Australia, which began in mid-2018. Trade between Australia and the Union reached 36 billion euros by 2020, and they believe the deal could increase it by a third.

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The various provisions and harmonization of the law have already been discussed in eleven rounds of negotiations. The twelfth is set to launch in mid-October, and Australia hopes the deal will be finalized by the end of this year. However, this may no longer be the case.

“Adherence to the word is a condition of trust between democracies and allies,” said Clement Peon. Politico to the Brussels website. “So as if nothing had happened, it is unthinkable to continue trade negotiations with a country we no longer trust.”

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Politico recalled that according to European agreements, trade agreements are being negotiated by the European Commission on behalf of the 27 member states, but it is unthinkable that it would act contrary to the French position. This has been shown many times in recent years.

In 2016, then-President Franோois Hollande actually blocked trade and investment negotiations with Americans. His heir Emmanuel Macron Again, he pointed out that the Free Trade Agreement with South American countries would not be allowed to come into force in its current form.

In addition, France was skeptical of negotiating with Australia before the formation of the Anglo-Saxon Defense Trio alliance. He fears that simplified access to the European market for Australian farmers could put his farmers at risk.

Negotiations are always challenging

For now, European allies do not support France in its position, but positive reactions are likely to come from Germany. However, Sunday’s election to the federal parliament is currently the main topic, and no one wants to engage in unnecessary confrontation with the Americans.

However, deviations from the agreement have traditionally been criticized by countries in favor of free trade, such as Sweden. Ireland Or the Netherlands.

Globally it is clear that Britain is a smaller partner of the United States than it is of working with other allies.


Clement Peon, Secretary of State for French Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“I firmly believe this will affect future discussions,” Irish Trade Promotion Minister Robert Troy told Politico.

However, in the long run, the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the EU and Australia is far from over. I did not expect this attitude to change. “

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan is also set to travel to Europe for the October round of talks. He still does not realize that Europe’s open attitude towards future agreements is changing.

“When it comes to free trade negotiations, they are always challenging and there will always be fierce fighting over them,” he said To Australian Public Service Radio.

The first definite steps are already coming from Paris. The French have canceled security talks this week with the British side, with Le Trian having no plans to meet with Liz Dres, the new head of British diplomacy.

“They have a right to be angry” Told AFP Franோois Heisberg of the Paris Think Tank Foundation for Strategic Research. “But the danger is that the anger of the French will become their leader.”