October 23, 2021

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The forces of the world are working together to fulfill the promises of the Taliban

The forces of the world are working together to fulfill the promises of the Taliban

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (TASR) – The United States, China, Russia, and Pakistan are working together to ensure Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers keep their promises, particularly in forming a truly representative government and preventing the spread of extremism. This was announced at a press conference on Saturday, before a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which was reported by the Associated Press.

Lavrov said representatives from Russia, China and Pakistan had traveled to the Qatari capital, Doha, and then to the Afghan capital, Kabul, to meet the Taliban and officials. “secular offices” – With former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Inullah, who led the government’s negotiating negotiations with the Taliban.

Minister Lavrov said he did not represent the interim government that the Taliban had informed about “The whole Afghan society – all the ethnic, religious and political forces, so we’re in touch, it’s still going on”.

The Taliban promised an inclusive government that included all segments of society; A more moderate form of Islamic law than when it last ruled in 1996-2001, including women’s rights; Stabilization after 20 years of war prevented militants from using Afghan soil to launch attacks. However, recent steps taken by the interim government indicate that the Taliban are pursuing a more brutal policy, especially against women and girls.

Members of the Afghan hardline Taliban walk alongside screaming Afghans during an anti-Pakistan demonstration in front of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul on September 7, 2021, file photo.
Photo: TASR/AP

“But the most important thing… is to make sure that they keep their promises,” Lavrov said. “It is our top priority,” compressed.

He covered a wide range of topics at the press conference. He also spoke of Russian mercenaries in Mali, Africa, although he did not specifically mention the Wagner Group. Lavrov defended the decision of Mali’s caretaker government to hire a Russian private military company to help fight terrorists. He said it was a “legitimate” law for Mali and that the Russian government had nothing to do with it.

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As a pretext, Lavrov said France had said it would reduce the size of its armed forces fighting Islamic extremists in Mali and the region. The performance of the French forces criticized the words that “They were supposed to defeat the terrorists in the Kidal region in the north of the country, but they failed. The terrorists are still ruling the region,” he added..

Reports of the possible presence of mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Group in Mali recently have caused great concern to the governments of Western Europe, where the European Union peacekeeping forces are located in the country.

Pictured, a Taliban fighter looks at posters of Taliban leaders and their flags in Kabul on August 25, 2021, file photo.
Photo: TASR/AP

A week ago, Mali’s military government, which came to power after the coup, dismissed allegations that it was considering hiring mercenaries from the Wagner Group to ensure security in the restive West African country. The group is said to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and promote Moscow’s interests.

According to reports, the Malian government wants to hire 1,000 of these mercenaries, according to the DPA.

However, Mali Prime Minister Chogoel Koukala Magha accused France of betraying his country when it unilaterally decided to withdraw its forces. Addressing the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister said his government has the right “Look for other partners”.