November 30, 2021

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The florist did not even dream about the success of her business: she is now living her childhood dream

The florist did not even dream about the success of her business: she is now living her childhood dream

The Melbourne florist never dreamed that the decision, which would cost $500 (325 euros), would make her a millionaire in seven years.

According to, that’s exactly what happened to the Melbourne mother of two after her business grew eight times in value during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ms Ray, 37, set up an online flower shop called Daily Blooms in 2014 with just $500 (€325) in her pocket. By the end of this fiscal year, the online business will be worth $35 million.

She said that she established the company as a passion project and its resounding success exceeded expectations in all directions. She admitted that she went on to do this crazy little project and according to her it turned out really well. The former financial advisor thought the arrival of the coronavirus on the Australian coast in March last year was a signal of very tough times for the Daily Blooms, but the accidental reversal proved just the opposite. When loved ones are separated due to lockdown and border closures, Sending flowers has become one of the few ways to keep in touch.

Mrs. Ray grew up in a small provincial Victorian community, which she described as idyllic because she was constantly surrounded by flowers.. When she was in school, she often told people that when she grew up, she’d like to be a florist, but instead went down a reasonable path in finance. She moved to Melbourne after completing her postgraduate studies at the international consulting firm KPMG and has been there for several years. However, I made a big decision on my honeymoon.

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“I had such a revelation that I didn’t really want to go back to the financial world and really wanted to try growing flowers,” she said. But she knew that traditional florists had to throw away a lot of flowers at the end of the day. She described it as heartbreaking. That’s why it came up with a different business model. “Going to the market in the hope that a person walking in the street will see a bouquet of roses and want them is crazy and leads to a huge amount of waste,” said the businesswoman.