January 27, 2022

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The first 3D map of the drone operation in Slovakia

The MamDronView web application contains a 3D map of current airspace usage, which shows not only areas with limited drone traffic, but also current areas created by all MamDron users. Hence it creates a comprehensive picture of the working of cooperating UAVs in Slovakia in real time. The increasing number of drones in the airspace raises not only the issue of safety, but also the issue of coordination between manned and unmanned operations for the development of the drone business and also for the development of a part of the drone economy.

Despite the fact that we are still at the beginning of Slovakia in this direction, initiatives that try to create conditions for better use of the potential of UAVs within the existing airspace structure have already begun. MamDronView web app displays a map of current airspace usage in 3D. The app is available at view.mamdron.sk, intended to report on the current status of UAV operations in Slovakia and to display static and dynamic non-flying areas.

This data will not only help the drone pilots in flight planning, but will also allow for example municipalities and other authorities to get an overview of the operation of the drones in a particular area. The app displays data from MamDron Information System (IS), which integrates, processes and displays flight data on the restricted areas of unmanned aerial vehicles defined by Slovak and European legislation, as well as the flight areas created by users. MamDron mobile app.

What does the 3D map show?
You can see on the map:

  • Active non-air areas up to 120m above the ground (maximum height allowed for drone flight), which defines the Slovak and European rules for the operation of UAVs and which are incorporated into the IS MamDron. These include, for example, controlled and unmanaged areas of airports, military facilities, protected natural areas with a protection degree of 3-5, warning areas around railways and highways, or areas designated by some municipalities (schools, kindergartens, parks, hospitals ). In addition to the fixed no-fly zones, the map also contains Dynamic No-Fly Zones Mostly they were created for certain events, which could be, for example, military exercises, large concerts, important diplomatic visits and the like.
    Mamdron user journey areas. The MamDron mobile app is used to plan drone flights, so the pilot can avoid flying in restricted areas and significantly reduce the risk of collision or fines. The 3D map shows the flying areas created by users of this app over the past week and the areas planned for the next week.

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Web page view.mamdron.sk With a 3D map that contains a list with several categories. The user is allowed to:

  • Turn off and on individual non-flight zones according to categories

  • View flight zones created by MamDron users in a 7-day time horizon backwards or forwards

  • Change the base type of the map

  • Search for a specific area by name

  • View a 3D visualization of the selected area

The site also includes a detailed user guide and information on how to use a computer mouse for 3D viewing. The slider control at the bottom of the map allows you to set the history of displaying the trip plans of MamDron users.

What is a 3D map?
By publishing a 3D map of airspace usage, we wanted to provide the public with an information tool that can help drone pilots, aircraft designers and also pilots of other sport aircraft to orient themselves in the airspace within Slovak territory. Based on this information, they can plan their activities more effectively and thus contribute to increasing the safety of Heaven. At the same time, the map will help authorities, such as the aviation authority, LPS or local governments, to track the operation of drones in a specific area and at a specific time.” said Václav Michalčík, Marketing Director of the Civic Association Mám Dron.

Flight area data generated by drone pilots depends on the number of registered MamDron users. Therefore, the more drone users who use this mobile application, the more comprehensive the picture of unmanned traffic the map will provide.

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