November 30, 2021

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The financial report ends with yellow tickets and switches to electronic communication

The financial report ends with yellow tickets and switches to electronic communication

Communication with the Finance Department will be easier on tax issues from the beginning of 2022. After the launch of the two-way electronic communication (OBK), the use of “yellow tickets” will end and the Finance Department will start electronically delivering documents to mailboxes on the Central Public Administration Portal (IPO) for all types of taxes.

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You need to activate your mailbox

Financial report from the beginning of next year It changes the way we communicate with their tax clients. The new calculation will not be made through the Financial Management Portal (PFS), but documents will be submitted for all types of taxes To be delivered to e-mail boxes created in the IPO.

The Financial Department, as a public authority, is obliged to deliver to the tax subject in this way, for example Resolution, request, notification or other document. However, it is necessary for simplified communication You have an active mailbox For delivery to public offering.

Either on demand or automatically

Legal entities registered in the commercial register Activates the email box automatically by law with its creation. In the case of a normal person, an email box It only activates upon request. Customers will find all the instructions for activating the mailbox in the IPO or in the document Instructions to activate the mailbox for delivery.

From January next year, the financial report will provide electronic official documents, including appendices With the same legal effects as servicing paper documents. Even in the case of this service, two regimes will apply – Not in your hands (Normal delivery), or With their own hands with the delivery of imagination. In the latter case, a delivery confirmation will be requested by the addressee.

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What if I don’t have a PO Box?

If the tax entity You will not have an active mailbox to hand over to the IPO, will be sent to him via the Central Official Service (CÚD) Through a postal service provider Submit a hard copy of the document. The financial report will prepare a hard copy In the event that the mailbox cannot be specified in the subscription.

Foreign people who will not have an active email box In ÚPVS, but they will have a mailbox set up in PFS, and there will be a financial report Send documents electronically to mailboxes on PFS. If the foreign person does not have a mailbox in ÚPVS or PFS, then his document will be It is delivered on paper by a postal service provider.