January 24, 2022

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The final end of the Galaxy Note series? Samsung did not renew the brand

Samsung This year during Galaxy Unpacked It replaced the popular Galaxy Note font, who has been with us since 2011, foldable smartphones of the series face Z a Fold Z. Following the decision by the South Korean company, there has been speculation that the Note is about to expire. And according to the latest findings, it appears that this is indeed the case.

Although Samsung has confirmed that a new Note may come next year, no long-term plans for this series have been mentioned. So far. As the post writes SamMobile Referring to a report from Galaxy ClubHowever, the manufacturer has not renewed the Galaxy Note branding, indicating that it does not plan to expand the series with new models in the future. On the contrary, it is included in the list of revamped marks Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy S aj Galaxy Z.

Signs can be observed for a long time

It was expected. Samsung has been preparing for this change for some time, specifically since the release of the series Galaxy S21at any Ultra The model mentioned S Pen support. Another important indicator is this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event, which instead of the new Galaxy Note models brought two foldable smartphones, one of which also supports a smart stylus.

It’s a shame, as the Galaxy Note had and still has a huge fan base. But Samsung wants to move forward. At every opportunity, he reveals that he sees the future of the mobile industry in foldable smartphones. And while the latest foldable smartphones are still relatively expensive, at least with regard to the Galaxy Z Fold3, it can be seen that the price-performance ratio of these devices is gradually stabilizing at an increasingly acceptable level. So the Z Fold will likely cost as soon (and possibly less) as much as the new Galaxy Note previously.

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