January 29, 2022

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The fan loses something, gets something new

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Winter Olympics in Beijing, World Hockey Championships in Finland, World Cup in Qatar, Ski World Cup Petra Velhova, European Football and Conference Leagues, Extra Hockey League, U-20 World Hockey Championships – these are the most interesting sports programs, which will bring With her a new experience. The RTVS sports channel has launched Sport for TV fans next year. RTVS is releasing it on Monday – for a few tries, because this RTVS channel has been anticipated by sports viewers many times over.

However, the pandemic has also affected this region, and although Matej Hadjko, commentator and head of RTVS sports, refuses to associate this launch date with JOJ’s new TV programme, it’s not easy to resist the idea of ​​this public service broadcaster. “No, it’s not like that at all.” Hagko answers the question of whether RTVS is behind a new competitive sports channel from JOJ TV and adds that “We are looking forward and at the same time we welcome the launch of other sports arenas with our colleagues. Because the more sports are shown on television, the more opportunities for people to change their lifestyles and move more.”

According to Hajik and General Director of RTVS, Jaroslav Reznik, this positive intention to transfer citizens is one of the reasons why RTVS presents Channel 4 after Jednotka, Dvojka and Trojka. “The purpose of the new Sports Television Circle is not only to provide high-quality broadcasts of sporting events, but in particular to encourage all ages, social sectors and population structures to move. Because the more a person moves every day, the greater the assumption that his immunity and health will be stronger.” Reznik claims.

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General Director of RTVS Jaroslav Reznik

Source: TASR – Jakub Kotian

Not on the threshold of a great event

When we talked about the upcoming sports channel with Matej Hajek two years ago, RTVS combined the launch of a new television circuit (the third at the time) with a major sporting event in which Slovak athletes also participate. The Ice Hockey World Championships were considered in Slovakia, the Tokyo Olympics, or soccer. It made sense to get a high viewership of the new sports channel from the start. However, the sports channel begins on December 20 – and no major sporting event is associated with it.

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According to the published information, the first program will be a discussion, followed by the documentary “How to build a dream” of preparations for sports, after which the Sports Channel will present a hockey match in the extra league between Michalovci and. Nitra. By the end of the year, the sport will broadcast, among other things, six games of the Extra Hockey League, the World Under-20 Championship in hockey and also the oldest European championship in the sport, the Spengler Cup.

Unlike previous plans associated with a major sporting event, sport begins during a pandemic, when there are empty stadiums, canceled competitions, and amateurs and children not training. According to your need in sports They were waiting for financing. Next, we were looking for a term that makes sense from a viewer’s point of view, as the first major sporting event is the Beijing Winter Olympics, which begin in early February. By launching it in December, we’ll have a few weeks to catch a little “postpartum sickness” before a project as big as the Olympics..

There was also no intention to launch the sports channel with a broadcast of the announcement of the general sports referendum, which was scheduled to take place on December 20 from the historic SND building, since they had to cancel it due to the epidemiological situation. However, this beginning of December also makes sense, although it is noticeably less profitable than the original ideas. In less than two months, there will likely be enough to guarantee the quality of transfers from the Beijing Olympics.

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Matej Hajjko

Source: Facebook.com, Sports in RTVS

Silver less than the family

However, the new sports channel is not affected by the increasing competition in the domestic TV market, because JOJ TV launched its own sports channel and, together with Markíz, obtained broadcast rights to many of the most prestigious and most watched sports events, which until now were the domain of RTVS .

Already during this winter season you can watch many races with Petra Vlhová at JOJ Šport, since 2024 the World Hockey Championship will also move, which is by far the most watched sporting event in Slovakia. RTVS also lost the Champions League and European Football Championship in 2024 and 2028. Public television, with its limited budget resources and unlicensed long-term license fees for private broadcasters, cannot compete.

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General Director of RTVS Jaroslav Reznik “The situation around the amount of the franchise fee is not happy, we are constantly working to reach a social agreement on its justified increase.” On the fringes of this situation, how do we prevent this flow of notable events, Hagko argues. “By increasing RTVS revenue or changing legislation, ideally a combination of the two. Prices are simply going up and we are in an open competitive environment. If we are in this fight without any legislative advantage, we must have the resources to succeed in it. By changing the legislation, I mean a model from some countries where the state is interested in ensuring that broadcasts from national competitions in various sports can be viewed by all citizens. ”

Although the demands for a license fee increase are fully justified, the idea that the current coalition, with its judicious approach to sports, would increase it so that RTVS would have a better chance of winning some sporting event in the fight with commercial television, is pretty bad science.

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Hajko says that RTVS is only waiting for money for the project.

Source: RTVS

Rich show, too

However, the list of the most important events from the beginning of the article, along with a number of other matches of local championships, competitions and races, suggests that there will be something to watch on the new sports channel. Of course, during some events, sports fans will turn to another place to see Flova in the World Cup or Milan Shkriniar in the Champions League (of course Messi, Benzem or Ronald too). RTVS plans to broadcast 24 hours a day and should offer 3,600 hours of live broadcasting next year, roughly ten hours a day on average.

What does the sport want to fill this massive broadcast with is a perfectly logical question. According to your need in sports “They follow several lines. The most important of them are attractive live sports broadcasts. Whether it is international and from which we have bought a large number in the near future, or local, through which we want to support sports only by broadcasting local league competitions of various kinds. Another line, which is our competitive advantage and in the same Time is our duty as a public broadcaster, it is our RTVS copyright documents, rich archive or acquisition documents.The third line is to support sport per se and a healthy lifestyle of children in schools, through amateur sports, in every corner of Slovakia.We want everyone Exercise in any way we can, and we will adapt the content to help in that direction.”

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General Director of RTVS Jaroslav Reznik

Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novak

how much is it?

The new sports channel will definitely mean more expenses, RTVS has limited ad time, and lower franchise fees are a sad reality. Won’t other RTVS services pay for this channel after all? According to Jaroslav Reznik, “The new television circuit RTVS Sport will finance all the resources available to RTVS. At the moment – without its own program area – the budget of RTVS for the sports part is 8 million euros. The budget for the service of the sports program for 2022 is 11 million euros, with an increase of three million euros. This is covered Through a set of resources consisting of realized savings, better and more efficient management of RTVS and increased advertising revenue while respecting the stipulated limits.”


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