January 21, 2022

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The failure of the electronic gates caused chaos at airports and stations

The failure of the electronic gates caused chaos at airports and stations

The technical problem has affected operations in many places.

24. Sep 2021 or 18:08 TASR

London. Passengers arriving in the UK had to face long queues at several airports and train stations on Friday afternoon due to e-gates malfunction.

Reuters and AB reported.

They reported problems from London’s Heathrow Airport and Manchester and Edinburgh airports, where people had to wait long hours in crowded halls due to the failure of the electronic document control system.

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Some passengers had to stay aboard until the space inside the terminal became vacant, Reuters writes.

The British Home Office said a technical problem had affected the operation of electronic gates in several places.

“The problem was quickly identified and fixed,” the British Home Office said in a statement. According to passengers at the terminal at Heathrow Airport, there was chaos.

The electronic gates are operated by the Border Force under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This technology allows people Travel documents There is biometric data to send border checks smoothly without the need for physical checks by customs.

According to Sky News, the Border Force operates more than 270 electronic gates at 15 airports and train stations across the country.

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