November 30, 2021

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The Expert Council decided: Do vaccines benefit?

The Expert Council decided: Do vaccines benefit?

The Expert Council does not believe that the COVID vending machine needs to be modified at this time, nor is it necessary to take restrictive measures in connection with the upcoming holidays.

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“We do not believe that there is a need for new restrictive measures. We have decided to rely on the responsibility of the people of Slovakia. We strongly encourage people to think about traveling to the graves and visiting relatives.” Its member and pediatrician Elena Prokopova said after the council meeting.


Will you travel to Dusiceki to the graves, even if experts do not recommend it to you?

She stressed that the burgundy and black areas are particularly at risk. Slovaks are advised to spread visits to cemeteries throughout the week to avoid weekends when there are the largest number of people there. In case of high attendance, a curtain or respirator is necessary.

Covid slot machine will not change

Experts also addressed the issue of the Covid vending machine and whether additional vaccine measures should be launched. In the black areas, they lose most of their advantages, they cannot visit a restaurant or a gym. So far there will be no changes, it is likely that the question will be reopened after the holiday, said Alina Kochalova, an infectious disease specialist and head of the adult department of infectious diseases and geography at Comenius University School of Medicine, the Slovak Medical University and the University. Hospital in Bratislava depends on the responsibility of the people.

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“Vaccination is the most important and practically the only tool we have to keep the pandemic under control. The Covid automat takes into account the vaccination of individual provinces and measures are set accordingly. There are areas, thanks to high vaccinations, that do not find themselves in black, and even some in burgundy,” I explained.

Hoteliers: You also discourage people from vaccinating

Hotel owners from black areas criticize the council’s decision not to grant vaccination benefits. They claim that entrepreneurs from the Bardjov and Stara Chubovka regions agree that it can discourage people from getting vaccinated. At the same time, they do not understand why they cannot work in OTP mode. “We see that the procedures are very strict. There are no benefits for those who are vaccinated,” he added. Tamara Shatankova, Bardejovské Kúpele’s economic and commercial director, told TASR. According to her, this experience can be disheartening for the unvaccinated, because “the said freedom has suddenly disappeared.”

“We are struggling because people are demanding action with the words they have been vaccinated.” Alika Vikova responded from Hotel Artin in Bardejov. She noted that the procedures were a mess and that supervision of compliance had been transferred by the state to the businessman.

“The COVID machine is designed so that the state doesn’t shut us down, but we shut ourselves down. I wonder how I should work when I can’t fully get my job done.” Pavol Kapp stated from Gurmen’s boarding house in Stará Ľubovňa. He also indicated the need to control personal data or adhere to pandemic control measures. According to him, business in the hotel and gastronomy sector in the black stage of the COVID vending machine will be sustainable in OTP mode.

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“We are aware that the specific actions are disproportionate, especially with other service providers and stores, which may also run in the black at the OTP level,” Vieira Konkulova, manager of the Sorea Ľubovňa Hotel in Stará Ľubovňa, also commented. She noted that “if a guest is unable to eat in the hotel restaurant in OTP mode, he is not interested in staying.”

Respondents stated that having their operations black for a COVID vending machine brings them financial losses and job sustainability is only a matter of time.

Provinces have the opportunity to improve color by percentage of pollination. If more than 65 percent of people over 50 in an area are vaccinated, the area gains one Joker and could be downgraded into covid automat. If more than 75 percent of seniors are vaccinated, the district has a festival.

“We must honestly say that the epidemiological situation in the black areas is very unfavorable. We have vaccinated a lot of people at risk, which contributes to the fact that hospital beds are filling up very quickly.” Kochalova noted this, and added that if, for example, restaurants were opened only for vaccination, it would be difficult to check whether the unvaccinated also ate in them. In black areas, the coronavirus is spreading in the community and 1 in 200 people are infected. It is not possible to determine who was infected from where and from whom.

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