January 16, 2022

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The EU and Britain have condemned the verdict against Kalesnikova and Snack

The EU and Britain have condemned the verdict against Kalesnikova and Snack

BRUSSELS, Sept. 6 (TASR) – The European Union and the United Kingdom on Monday verbally condemned a court ruling against representatives of the Belarusian opposition, AFP reported.

Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kalesnikova has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. His lawyer, Maxim Snook, was sentenced to ten years in prison.

The European Union (EU) on Monday called the decision a “grave human rights violation” and demanded the immediate and unconditional release of those convicted.

The United Kingdom has thus called for a Belarusian court ruling “Attack on Defenders of Democracy and Freedom”. British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb says Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s rule “We must stop this repression” And release all those detained for political reasons.

Kalesnikova and Snok were accused of plotting to seize power and inciting media and cyber activities that threatened national security.

Marija Kalesnikova was taken to the Ukrainian border by masked men in Minsk on September 7, where she was ordered to cross the border. However, she refused to do so and instead tore up her passport. They then took her to Minsk and imprisoned her.

Maxim Snack was also arrested in September 2020. He has previously been accused of calling on the public to undermine the country’s security, Belarus’ territorial integrity, national security and security.

According to the AFP, Kalesnikova is only one of the leading representatives of the Belarusian opposition, which is still in Belarus. He has been in custody for a year. According to the DPA, the German federal government has repeatedly called for her release.

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Mass protests erupted in Belarus after the results of the August presidential election were announced, in which Lukashenko received more than 80 percent of the vote, according to official results, with opposition leader Svitlana Chisanovska backing ten percent of the electorate. According to anti-Belarusian and Western countries, these elections were rigged. Chichanovska was able to leave Belarus after the election. Many opposition figures were forced to flee the country or were imprisoned. Belarusian authorities detained thousands of protesters and detained and tortured many.