January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The Epic Games Store offers one free game per day.  You can currently get Remnant: From the Ashes

The Epic Games Store offers one free game per day. You can currently get a vampire

In addition to the free games, you will also find a lot of discount games in the store.

We update the article every day with a new title, which is currently available for free.

The Epic Games Store has prepared its own version of the Advent calendar for players, planning to give away one game for free every day until December 30th. At the same time, it offers huge discounts on interesting titles that will continue after the new year.

free game

You always only have one day to get the game without paying – from discovering it until 5pm the next day, it will be exchanged for another title.

Stream Available for free Vampire game. This is an action RPG with the vampire Dr. Jonathan Reed in the lead role.

Big discounts

The Epic Games Store also offers new games at a huge discount, which you can also get at a cheaper price if you also apply for a €10 discount voucher.

The first coupon is available for free and you’ll get another coupon for every game you buy over €14.99, which is also the minimum title price you can claim. In practice, for each use of the coupon, you get another and can proceed quietly and indefinitely.

Plus, if you have multiple games in your cart at the lowest asking price, you can redeem one coupon for each.

The most interesting discount titles are:

Complete list of all games You will find On the Epic Games website. The sale will continue until January 6, 2022. There are many games at a discount, so you have plenty to choose from.

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