January 27, 2022

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The endangered tree of the African jungle is named after actor DiCaprio

The endangered tree of the African jungle is named after actor DiCaprio

DiCaprio fights to protect the rainforest.

London. The tropical tree discovered in the Ibo rainforest in Cameroon is named after American actor Leonard DiCaprio, who advocates for rainforest protection. Scientists from the Royal Botanical Office reported this on Thursday gardens In Kew near London.

It is threatened by cutting down trees

According to AFP, the Uvaropsis dicaprio tree is tentatively listed as an endangered species. Named after DiCaprio, the researchers praised the 47-year-old American actor for his efforts to prevent logging in the endangered rainforest, where the only known specimen of this conifer was found, which is four meters long and has only yellow-green male flowers.

The Hollywood actor launched a massive campaign on social media to protect the forest from logging when it was approved by the Cameroonian government in 2020. The logging concession was revoked a few months later by Cameroon President Paul Biya.

Martin Cheek, who works at the Kew Botanical Garden, explained that if the Cameroonian authorities issued a permit, “we could potentially lose these (plant) species due to the felling, staking, and burning of land that usually follow the concession.”

However, Uvariopsis dicaprio remains critically endangered because the forest in which it grows is still at risk of being cut down and the land turned into plantations.

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The new species are named after celebrities

In 2021, Kew researchers and their partners from around the world officially named more than 200 species of plants and fungi. Many of the species on this list are considered critically endangered and three appear to have become extinct.

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Kew scientists have named new types of plants and mushrooms for more than 150 years. It is not uncommon to name new species after familiar humans: an animal that parasitizes Caribbean crustaceans, for example, was named after reggae star Bob Marley (Gnathia marleyi), the flycatcher after Beyoncé (Scaptia Beyoncé) and the Ecuadorean frog Prince Charles (Hyloscirtus princecharlesi) , noted AFP.