October 21, 2021

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The end of the curfew order, closing bars and restaurants at 11pm, p

The curfew is over, bars and restaurants are open until 11pm, and wearing masks outside is reduced: this Wednesday, June 30, in a press release, the leader of the reunion highlights the measures to fight against Govt-19.

However, in a statement on Wednesday, June 30, he said, “The plan to fight Covit-19 has been adjusted and adjusted to take into account the state’s decision,” according to the province of Reunion, “the epidemic is circulating” while maintaining strong control measures on the island.

End of curfew order

The first strong action was announced: the lifting of the curfew order from 9pm to 5am. Businesses that are open to the public can now close their doors at 11:00 pm (restaurants, bars, cinemas, casinos, etc.). Officials are asking Reuniones to “show responsibility for the friendly and family events they organize by controlling the number of guests and moving out.”

Wears light mask

With the exception of high-traffic areas, the general obligation to wear a mask outside has been eliminated. This is mandatory:

– Markets and second-hand goods;

– During any meeting, meeting or activity on public roads or in public places;

– Near airports, buses and airports;

– In all rows on public highways or open to the public.

Wearing a mask indoors is mandatory at workplaces, shops, traffic and any meeting place. Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in natural places (beaches, forests, parks) and in open spaces in schools and in the collective reception of minors such as schools.

Interior and exterior measurements

As with wearing a mask in all business establishments, the measurements are kept indoors: closed spaces and congested areas (near stations, such as the city center).

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Considering the low spread of the virus outside, the outdoor reception levels will be slightly raised to accommodate up to 500 people.

Delivery is recommended

In the workplace, compatible moments are prohibited, and the recommendation of three telecommunication days per week is maintained, the province of Reunion says.

Steps taken to end a health emergency

According to the province of Reunion, “the epidemic situation over the last few days is characterized by a slight increase in the incidence rate to 126.6 / 100,000 people and a positive rate of 3.8%”. “If the earlier stages of the expansion plan do not worsen the health condition, the area is in the high plateau of epidemics with new contaminants and hospitalization, adding that the appearance of delta variation and low vaccine protection are the main risk factors for further deterioration of our condition.”

In this important context and in accordance with the end of the health emergency on Reunion Island, curfew orders, like everywhere else in the national territory, are required, along with Reunion’s priority, Director Martin Lodocet. They have therefore decided to fix the public, crisis management system of the Regional Health Institute of Reunion and maintain strong measures at least until July 21st.

Here are the details of the measurements:

© Prefecture Reunion

Optional measurements

© Prefecture Reunion

Measurement priority

© Prefecture Reunion


According to officials, “the increase in vaccine protection and the strict maintenance of restraining gestures will only enable the reduction of the epidemic and the continuation of the expansion plan”. More than ever, authorities are “calling on Reunion Islanders to get vaccinated. Without strong vaccine dynamics, controls will continue. If the situation worsens, measures may be tightened again. ”

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