January 24, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The elegant bright home features modern interiors with artistic elements and smart systems

You will achieve the best interior design result when the designer works on the project from its inception – from the basic architectural plans. He could incorporate into the project his suggestions and comments which would work well in his view, given the convenience and preferences of the locals.

Of course, there are studios that carry out a “rough” project and interior design at the same time. In the case of the new building in Törökbálint near Budapest, interior designer Tamás Szén Molnár was already working on the architectural plans. A young couple looking for land in the city longs for a family home of about 160 square metres.

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According to their ideas, the result was a stylish, bright and cheerful home – simply fun and comfortable. The interior architect had the opportunity to start working on the interior appearance of the house at the time of the architectural plans, so that he could incorporate alterations into the project before construction began. The result was better.

Living room. Zdroj: Kasaba Barbay

The kitchen is the heart of the home

For clients, it is a very important place where they spend a lot of time, both together and alone – the kitchen. Cooking plays an important role in their lives. Therefore, special detailed requirements for kitchen and dining room equipment were also part of their basic list of what should be in the house.

View from the kitchen to the stairs

Wooden surfaces, including stairs, with a touch of mustard color, create harmony. Zdroj: Kasaba Barbay

Modern systems and manual solutions

Of course, they also thought about the future. As they plan the offspring, they primarily had to have the kitchen, dining room, and living room function as a single space and the dining room could be easily expanded. Given the relatively small space available due to these requirements, the kitchen was given an unusual design.

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Regarding every detail, the latest mechanical and intelligent systems are integrated into the house: from the unique drying system in the laundry to the room. An interesting solution is to place basins in one of the bathrooms – the back wall serves as a shower screen, which is located on the opposite side of the sinks.

Asymmetrical Wardrobe Design With Gray Sofa

The entire interior looks playful, excelling in the frequent use of geometric shapes and the combination of gray and mustard. Zdroj: Kasaba Barbay

Fun geometry in gray and mustard

Half of the building is underground. Therefore, the designer preferred details that allow natural light and glass to enter the interior. The bathroom door is also made of glass. In terms of color and style used, he got a free hand from customers. The entire interior looks playful, excelling in the frequent use of geometric shapes and the combination of gray and mustard. Wooden surfaces, including stairs, with a touch of mustard color, create harmony. Spaces feature contemporary posters, paintings, and custom prints on the walls.

Large kitchen in wood and gray

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Zdroj: Kasaba Barbay

Interior lighting

The selected lighting in the interior is functional and irreplaceable in the design. Note the different types of lamps – from wall “panels”, passing through the silver “poppy” in the corner of the bathroom by the mirror, to a lamp of unusual shape above the dining table. However, here you will find a noticeably more interesting detail – in almost every photo.

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Family home in the town of Törökbálint

Architectural studio: Kaden Studio

Author: interior designer Tamas Zein Molnar

Location: Törökbálint, Hungary

Plocha: 160 m2

Achievement: 2021

Sabina Zavarska
Photo: Chapa Barbaye