December 9, 2021

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The diagnosis of the Czech President has been confirmed: a member of the Council revealed the details!  He has to stay in the hospital

The diagnosis of the Czech President has been confirmed: a member of the Council revealed the details! He has to stay in the hospital

Zeman was moved from the intensive care unit to a regular bed on Thursday. He added, “The president’s condition still requires hospital care, and at the present time does not allow him to devote himself fully to his work duties.” Winter said.

Symptoms of the disease are severe

“The nature and manifestations of the underlying disease are certainly very serious and the improvement of prognosis will depend on the progression of the disease, which is difficult to treat in itself,” Winter added. On Friday, members of the Presidency Council personally examined his medical records since the beginning of last week. They agreed that the president would receive first-class health care at the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where he has been since October 10.

Source: Twitter / Prague Castle – Office of the President of the Republic

Czech President Milos Zeman has a feeding tube (PEG) in his stomach and will remain in hospital for at least three more weeks. When he was taken to hospital on October 10, he was severely malnourished. This was told by cardiac surgeon Pavel Pavko, a member of the medical board examining Zeman’s condition, to Rádiožurnál radio station, news portal reported.

Zeman suffers from cirrhosis of the liver

Pavko also confirmed that Zeman suffers from chronic liver disease. When the mediator asked him that according to various speculations it was cirrhosis, he replied: “Yes, everything is clear.” He then explained that cirrhosis had had minimal symptoms or no symptoms at all for many years.

Zeeman’s condition in the hospital improved significantly. “When I saw the lab results when he came to the hospital, he was severely malnourished. The loss of appetite is part of his liver disease symptoms.” Bafko said. According to Pavic, the President of the Czech Republic currently has a feeding tube inserted into his stomach, which is very reasonable from his point of view. Doctors presented the investigation to the president on October 10, the day he was hospitalized.

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He plans to appoint Fayala as prime minister

Zeman has long suffered from neuropathy of the lower extremities and diabetes. On Friday, he phoned the incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babis and gave an interview to Radio Frekvens 1. He informed him that he plans to appoint Peter Fiala, the leader of the winning coalition together, as the new Prime Minister. He is scheduled to contact Fayala via video conference on Saturday.

The Senate committee will discuss the way forward on November 9

If Zeeman is able to perform at least his most important constitutional duties, there is no reason to transfer his powers, said Senate President Milos Vestrel (ODS) in response to the House’s opinion. Babis, who believes that Zeeman is “capable of fully functioning normally,” is of the same opinion. On November 9, the Senate committee will discuss further steps in the possible withdrawal of Zeman’s presidential powers regarding his health.