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Sony establishes PlayStation PC, the official brand of computer games

The developers at Dimensional Ink Studios are working on the MMORPG Marvel

The developers at Dimensional Ink Studios are working on the MMORPG Marvel

November 29, 2021 Marek Jarosh

It looks like Marvel wants to take the video game industry by storm, too.

If you are a fan of Marvel and like to play games, you should be more than satisfied with the current development. We saw that relatively recently Two great spider-man Games from the studio Insomniac Games. It is already in preparation Spider-Man 2 s Venom.

Furthermore, they only came out a few days ago Guardians of the Galaxy and titles like WolverineAnd midnight sun or so far Undisclosed multiplayer titlethat Sony is working on.

But it doesn’t end with these games.

DC Universe Online authors are working on a Marvel MMORPG

from recently Presentations to Investors From EnaD Global 7 we learned this in their studies Dimensional Ink Studios A new MMORPG Marvel has been created. The name of the studio probably won’t tell you at first glance. But they are the developers of the relatively successful DC Universe Online.

And it looks like a new Marvel title can be found in this game. Namely, Jack Emmet is the development lead. He still leads the team responsible for DC Universe Online.

Anyway, we definitely won’t see this game for a good few years. Apparently, the game is still in the early stages of development.

Sony is said to be working on a Marvel multiplayer game for Playstation 5

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