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The designer created a fun, colorful home for herself and her family

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Source: Miro Doubt

I’ve built a home for dozens of clients. He has in-house design and tailor-made solutions at his fingertips. It has an overview of what’s modern, what’s practical, and what’s trendy. Well, this is what it looks like when an interior designer creates a home for her and her loved ones.

Area: 82 square meters, 3 bedroom apartment

The house serves us, not us. The design is a reflection not only of the visual appearance, but also a mirror of the ergonomics and use of space. – Viera Henczeová, designer, pegasstudio.sk

The apartment fell into the hands of designer Vierka and her husband fifteen years ago. When it was purchased, it was in its original condition, so over the years it has undergone a complete rebuilding process. Initially, also with required building alterations and layout changes, including new electrical and plumbing installations.

Basically, there is no stone left on the stone. The room that served as a room is now a bathroom. With the original core scrapped, they changed and expanded the kitchen, which is now adjacent to the living room with dining area. And the corridor to the living room was blocked from the hall, creating more space for furniture in the hall.

Desire to change

A few years ago, the owner and designer in one person felt that the design of the apartment needed updating. At the beginning of the changes the kitchen was replaced. It was about replacing the floor and doors. The next stage was the renovation of the bathroom and toilet. “Here, in the first place, I bet on a selection of quality sanitary ware and tiles. The matte beige cladding proved to be useful during maintenance. I like to relax in the bathtub, so it had to be large. The bathroom space is relatively tight, so the asymmetric shower was a great choice ‘, says Verka also over the years.

Glass front with dishes and view from the kitchen on the corner of the kitchen with island

Source: Miro Doubt

The kitchen island has become the epicenter of what’s happening. The owners not only prepare food on it, but also praise it for a quick breakfast. “I carried the design of the kitchen of the German brand Schüller on my husband’s shoulders. Since we had excellent experience with this brand in interior design, it was decided. The husband preferred appliances equipped with all kinds of tools and software, so he had the decisive say,” says designer Verka.

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After that, the living room and the corridor were reconstructed. “I designed and made the furniture by the proven Slovakian manufacturer. Greenery is my passion, I love flowers, so I designed a flower wall for the dining room. Husband likes to relax with good movies, and the sofa and TV spot were his priorities. I use wooden boards to put flowers and decorations, So I chose blinds without curtains only. So nothing prevents the beautiful view of the greenery and trees.”

Living room with brown upholstered bench, round tables, glossy white hanging cabinet and bookcase

Books are an integral part of this family. Therefore, the library is part of a living collection designed and made to measure. Source: Miro Doubt

Step by Step

Due to the busy time, the owners gradually rebuild it. Last but not least, the bedroom came next. “A bed from the Italian manufacturer Flexteam approached me. In addition to the design, I appreciate that I can take off and wash the cover from it,” confirms Verka, who proudly admits that she loves the ambiance of her apartment.

“My attention was also drawn to the white, matte lacquer wardrobe from the Italian brand Orme, so I incorporated it into our home. My clients, as well as my family and friends know that I really like to combine old and new and enthusiastically bring life to life. Therefore, I complemented the modern furniture with a bedside table Sideways, a piece of clients’ apartment, we reconstructed.He was sentenced to dismissal.The designer, whose motto is to be kind and brave at the same time, says the chair in the bedroom is also a piece that has been overhauled and no one needs it anymore.

As he claims: “If you succeed, the result is magic – in life and in the creation and realization of decorations.”

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Chest of drawers made of samples

The armchairs hall, which is from the owner’s parents’ apartment, is a lovely memory of her childhood. The distinctive chest of drawers plays with color, but the white dresser for shoes, coats, and bags is complemented by a large mirror. “We have a whole stock of wood decor samples from the company’s kitchen manufacturers, which are constantly changing, so I designed them with a cheerful, colorful chest of drawers in the hall. The handles are also from the card template, so each one is different,” says designer Vierka enthusiastically, Which gives instructions for excellent recycling of unnecessary items.

Hall with gray floor and armchairs and chest of drawers made of wood décor samples

Source: Miro Doubt

“The chest of drawers is unmissable and will immediately catch the eye of everyone who enters our apartment. Of course, it is one of my favorite pieces in the apartment,” continues the owner, adding that in addition to the distinctive and imaginative design, the solitaire also has, of course, its use. It hides scarves and shawls And glasses and other small things that are good to have on hand in the hallway.

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It has adapted to the needs and possibilities offered by life in city apartments – larger or smaller, both traditional and unconventional.

1 Visually appealing yet comfortable seating furniture It simply belongs in the city living room today. When choosing them, we are still in a relatively safe area and often come to gray, brown, beige … However, there are other colors that are worth paying attention to. Distinctive furnishings will light up the entire room.
2 Paintings, sculptures, vases, lamps All this has an amazing aesthetic effect on the interior appearance. Therefore, their presence in urban apartments should not be neglected. Do not rush to choose them. Imagine you are creating a story. All pieces must fit together.
3 charming inner strength Proportional to. In a balanced mix of the inconspicuous elements that form the basis of interior design, i.e. large pieces of furniture, floors, doors and walls – a modern space can often look cool to sterile, with interesting solitaire pieces, art pieces, textiles and decor. If it hits it, it will retain the modern feel of a city apartment, but with a dose of comfort.
4 Above all, urban style must be functional. It appeals to a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Therefore, even when it comes to the decorations and trinkets on display, do not overdo it. Just choose some beautiful pieces and display them. Even dust is removed faster.
5 modern materials, In addition to ecological housing definitely belongs to the urban housing trend. Therefore, recycle, even when it comes to using furniture. You can achieve a really interesting and original design.

Text: Christina Valanova
Photo: Miro Shak
Source: Pekné bývanie 08/2021