January 28, 2022

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The Dakar Rally started with a 19km lead: Svetko did not break through the elite

The Dakar Rally started with a 19km lead: Svetko did not break through the elite

Stefan Svetko Source: Providedia

DŽIDDA – Slovak motorcyclist Štefan Svitko finished 32nd at the front of the 44th Dakar Grand Prix. The Slovnaft Rally Team competitor clocked in at 1:06:25 in the 19 kilometer qualifying section, losing 10 minutes 55 seconds to winner from Australia Daniel Sanders. Pablo Quintanilla of Chile came in second, and Ross Branch of Botswana came in third.

The introduction from Jeddah to Hail (834 km), Svetka, which is already part of the most famous desert race in the world for the thirteenth time, had its own 19-kilometer race. It drove through dirt roads and small sand dunes and gave the participants the opportunity to test their cars. At the same time, I determined the starting order for the first stage. Times at the end of the 1A qualifying stage are multiplied by a factor of 5. Depending on the results of the Special, the top 15 riders can choose the starting position for the Special 1B.

Nasser Al-Attiyah from Qatar won the car category, and the crew with Czech driver Milan Zabeltal and Slovak navigator Marek Skor took the 40th place. Among the trucks, the lead went best to Russian Dmitriy Sotnikov. Slovakian Ľubomír Palčo ranked 42nd with the crew of a MAN truck led by Hungarian actor Zsolt Darázsi.On Sunday, the program will show the first stage in Hail, with a length of 546 km.

Dakar Riley – Introduction (Jeddah – Hail, 834 km, 19 km Special)
MotoGP: 1. Daniel Sanders (Austr./GAS GAS) 55:30 min, 2. Pablo Quintanilla (Chile/Honda) +1:00, 3. Ross Branch (Boots/Yamaha) +1:55, 4. Kevin Benavides (Arg./KTM) +2:00, 5. Matthias Walkner (Rak./KTM) +2: 35, 6. Adrian van Beveren (Father/Yamaha) + 2:40, …, 32. Štefan SVITKO (SR/Slovnaft Rally Team) +10: 55

Cars: 1. Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar / Toyota) 10:22, 2. Carlos Sainz (Sp. / Audi) +12s, 3. Henk Lategan (JAR / Toyota) +36, …, 40. Milan Zabeltal, Marek Sikora (CR / SR / Ford) +2: 35

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Trucks: 1. Dmitriy Sotnikov 14:24:00, 2. Anton Shebalov (both RAF/KAMAZ) 14:25:00, 3. Martin Masek (CZ/Iveco) 14:26:00, …, 42. Zsolt Darázsi, Pierre Calmon, Ľubomír PALČO (Hungarian / French / Slovak Republic / MAN) 15:05:00

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