November 30, 2021

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The Czech Prosecutor's Office requested the extradition of Babis for criminal trial

The Czech Prosecutor’s Office requested the extradition of Babis for criminal trial

The request relates to the Stork’s Nest case.

Nov 10, 2021 at 10:24am TASR

Prague. The Czech Prosecutor’s Office (Prosecutor’s Office) asked the Chamber of Deputies to extradite the current Prime Minister for trial Andre Babes.

The request relates to the Stork’s Nest case, in which Babis has long been suspected of abuse of European subsidies, Czech Radio reported on Wednesday.

Grandma denies guilt

A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague said that the Supervising Public Prosecutor, Jaroslav Sharoch, sent the relevant request to the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday.

With this move, he wants to resume Babish’s trial, which was halted after he regained his parliamentary mandate and associated immunity in the October 8 and 9 parliamentary elections.

Shahrukh’s request will be considered by the mandate and immunity committee of the new House of Representatives, which met at the inaugural meeting on November 8. The new chairperson of this committee could be a YES member and former Minister of Justice Helena Valkova.

The Chamber of Deputies has already handed over Andrei Babis to the prosecution twice in the Stork Nest case – in September 2017 and January 2018.

The current Prime Minister and his former council member, Jana Nagyova, is being prosecuted in this regard for damaging the financial interests of the European Union and subsidy fraud, but both deny any guilt.

The trial was suspended after the election

Police completed the investigation into the Stork Nest case in May 2021 and have proposed an indictment against Babis and Nagyova.

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But the public prosecutor decided at the end of August to return the case to the police for further investigation in order to complete the examination of witnesses. Then investigators again proposed an indictment for both defendants in September.

Babish was subsequently re-elected as a member of Parliament in October, having regained his immunity from prosecution, so the supervising attorney general requested that he be extradited again.

The case concerns Stork’s Nest farm, which was originally owned by Babiš’s Agrofert. In December 2007, it was converted into a joint stock company with bearer shares and subsequently received European support under the Small and Medium Enterprises Program.

procedures This company was owned by the sons and partner of Babis. However, the farm will not be entitled to a subsidy of 50 million CZK (nearly two million euros) as part of Agrovert. A few years later, the company returned to Agrofert. In 2017, Babiš invested Agrofert in a trust fund to eliminate suspicions of conflict of interest.