December 9, 2021

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The curve breaks slowly: Analysts point out one important thing!  This key factor needs to be monitored

The curve breaks slowly: Analysts point out one important thing! This key factor needs to be monitored

According to researchers, the corona virus is a multifaceted problem that is not limited to epidemiologists or physicians. “Many scientific disciplines need to be discussed,” They said they warned Slovakia on two things.

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Infections and new cases develop

We all keep track of the number of victims. “These do not include Russia, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. Equivalent to hundreds or thousands a day, respectively. Within 5 weeks in Slovakia. But that alone is not required. All that is important to follow,” They said the growth of new cases would be higher than ever.


An important factor

“Instead of 1.04, it will be 1.40. It’s important to keep an eye on the eruptions and eruptions. The districts and Slovakia do not understand the average.” The researchers wrote. According to them, the growth of new patients in hospitals is rarely monitored, which is a key factor. “Have you ever heard of that number in the last month? No? Because it’s low, it’s not scary. Said.

The curve breaks slowly:

Source: Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

For them, this is very important and, based on district and age, is the only parameter for monitoring and analysis, related to the number of victims. “On average, it should be somewhere in our single digit, about 5%, because we do a little testing and the division will be less. Nominally, it’s ten per day, then tens. To do this, the average number of days spent must be monitored by patients in the hospital. Should be and should be 7 rather than 9. 5% and 7 are 2 good news, “ He thinks.

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The curve breaks, and it is nothing

According to them, Govt Automaton is also a problem. According to the researchers, only the number of positive cases at the district level and the number of victims nationally, the development of this parameter and the number of positive and hospital admissions of PCR tests are meaninglessly measured. “Gradually it will turn pink at the district level in July and red in August (it spends out the window and only plays 10 pogob)).” Said. The curve of the new cases was expected to break (or break). “It doesn’t mean anything. It happened exactly in the UK on May 5, 2020. After that, they took a significant step towards release in May and postponed it from last June to July.” Said.

Corona virus in the Czech Republic

Zdroj: SITA / AP Photo / Petr David Josek

Currently, Slovakia has surpassed two million with the first dose of vaccine. “By the end of June, we’re approaching 40%, which is a significant target. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “ Analysts think.

In the number of new cases from PCR trials, we reached 30 per day. It is likely to increase the number of trips for vacationers and children over 10 years of age. “We do not have enough vaccine capacity and there are 100,000 people in the waiting period. Of course, they may have been vaccinated by the end of June, but they will not, because we do not like” regionally “some and” weaker “districts.” They said it would take two weeks to catch up.

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“Today, the Bratislava vaccine is better or better (60% first and 39% second dose) than in London (53% first and 40% second dose), which is important because there are so many deltas in London today. Also “sold through the window” Evaluated researchers. They said that without changing the Govt machine, 150 cases are waiting for 100,000 people in 7 days in our districts.

Slovakia will not miss the delta

Last week, we discovered the first cases of delta mutation. Analyst Evan Bosnak confirmed to Topki that the third wave would begin soon. “The delta is already spreading in our country and we will find out by testing in the coming days. I expect the number of positive cases to increase in June, breaking their downward curve in early June-July.” Analyst Ivan Bošňák told Topki.

Let’s take the example of others

In addition, the researchers compared how the UK is struggling with the Delta mutation and what the situation is in our country. “Despite 15,000 new positive cases a day (equivalent to 1,200 in our country), weddings are allowed without restriction, with sporting, cultural and social events taking place there with tens of thousands of spectators and participants. It is important for Britain to keep track of the number of new patients. The researchers wrote.

The curve breaks slowly:

Source: Pathos-free FB / Data

It is mainly dangerous and less common due to adult vaccination. “The average for the last 7 days is 234. And this is an average of 2.5% of new cases a week ago (10,000)” Said. So what’s the problem? According to analysts, our Govt has a vending machine. According to the UK, there have been more than 100 new cases per 100,000 citizens in the past seven days in light blue areas and 200 cases in dark blue areas. “If the EPDEM is not validated and does not replace the Govt machine approved by the government, there will be problems with pink paints in many districts in Slovakia and then with red paints in early July and early August.” Added.

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“Unlike the British prudent approach, Slovakia is tough and the districts are moving slowly in a better color, rather than in a bad year.” Said. According to them, no district is better than the Orange District. “Forget the green. Mijawa (red today) can tell the story.”