November 28, 2021

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The court in Cardiff found the operator of the crashed plane guilty of the death of Emilian Salle

28.10.2021 16:38

A court in Cardiff, Wales, has found David Henderson guilty of the death of Argentine footballer Emilien Sal, who died in January 2019 in a single-engine plane crash over the English Channel. Henderson was the operator of the machine, led by David Ibbotson.

Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala was on board the private plane PA-46 Malibu, which flew from Nantes, France on January 21, 2019 and was on his way to Cardiff, Wales, where he signed a contract with a participant in the then English Premier League – the city. Team.

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In Guernsey, the machine disappeared from radars and was found less than three weeks below sea level at a depth of 63 meters. The body found in the rubble belonged to an Argentine footballer. However, the search teams did not find the body of another passenger – pilot Ibbotson.

Henderson arranged the trip and asked Ibbotson to fly to Cardiff, where he himself was on vacation. Ibbotson flew regularly to Henderson, but at the time he did not have a commercial pilot’s license or the qualification to fly at night, and his qualification to drive a machine of this type had expired.

Immediately after the crash, Henderson had to text a number of people around him via text message so that they would remain silent because they could open a can of worms. He argued in court that he intended to investigate his work.

According to Attorney General Martin Judy, Henderson was “reckless and careless” in operating the aircraft, and had to put his work above the safety of passengers. Judy also noted that Henderson had created a culture of air navigation violations among the pilots he hired. According to Henderson’s attorney, his client erred “only in management” and that his actions did not increase the potential for danger. Ibbotson described the missing pilot as very experienced, having flown for many years.

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