January 21, 2022

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The couple who invented Canva are drowning in money. It is a guide to starting a first-class business

People all over the world are basically divided into only two groups. One loves Canva, while the other hates it from the bottom of his heart (and this mainly includes professional graphic artists). Whatever you belong to, one thing is for sure. The blame couple showed the whole world how to build a “textbook” startup.

They found a gap in the market and cleverly filled it in

The whole idea was born in the head of talented Melanie Perkins. The year was 2008 and Melanie, in addition to studying at the University of Perth, Australia, taught graphic design programs part-time. And the more she progresses, the more frustrated she becomes with how confusing and messy these programs can be for the average person. Intuitive user interface was the last feature they could customize.

But what some see only as a problem, others see as an opportunity. An example of this kind of thinking was Melanie, who in 2018 for the Gate mode She said: “I wanted to create graphic design software that was simple, online, and people could work together.”

Source: canva.com

Fifth largest startup in the world

But Melanie did not say the words and the fact that she wanted something. I really did. The fact that it was a great idea is also evidenced by the financial results, which can’t leave even Canva’s biggest opponents cold.

Last week, Canva was worth $40 billion. according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index This gives Melanie a fortune of 5.9 billion dollars (about 5 billion dollars), and similarly, 5.9 billion dollars, belonging to her partner and husband at the same time. This is Cliff Obrecht, who also stood at the birth of Canva and is one of its founders.

This astonishing result makes Melanie Perkins the richest self-made billionaire under the age of 40 (currently 34 years old, her husband is 35 years old).

In addition, according to data from CB . insights Canva is currently the 5th largest startup in the world. It’s only preceded by startups Bytedance ($140 billion), Stripe ($95 billion), SpaceX ($74 billion), and Klarna ($45.6 billion).

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It is also interesting that there are no other online software in this ranking in the top 30 most prosperous startups.

She will not exchange work with her husband for anything

Some couples can’t even imagine having to work together. But Melanie and Cliff are the complete opposite. They are a team not only in private, but also in action, and their findings are clear proof of that.

Melanie for the gate mode She said that she does not have a miracle formula for successful work in pairs, but the deciding factor is definitely communication. He adds that before founding Canvy and Cliff, they traveled a lot and worked together on smaller projects, so embarking on something bigger for them was a completely natural thing.

He also says that, as in any one-on-one relationship, they sometimes have tense situations and disagreements, but adds that he considers this an important driving force for society as a whole. If they had the same opinion on everything, they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Canva isn’t over yet, it’s just getting started

Whether you own your own business, run social networks, or even if you’re a regular user, if you’ve visited before they changeYou know that the possibilities of this site are almost endless.

With thousands of templates and options, you can create simpler graphics in minutes, but if you spend a few hours here, the result can be really amazing. Canvy users have already submitted nearly 7 billion suggestions, but Melanie says it’s not over yet, quite the opposite.

Canva’s advantage is that it is constantly adding new improvements and the couple promises that this trend will continue. for the gate Bloomberg Comment as follows: “We’re heading in the right direction, but we’re not there yet.” So we obviously have something to look forward to.

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